Friday Finds: Nerd Flash Cards

By September 14, 2012

Toss out those boring old flash cards because thanks to graphic designer Emma Cook, we now have a set of flash cards that are more our speed!

Appropriately titled Design Nerd Flash Cards, these cards are updated to delight and amuse even the nerdiest of parents and makes learning ABC’s that much more exciting for their kids…I could even see educators using these in the classroom or on a poster in someone’s house (like MINE).

As Cook herself states, “Another silly little side project. Now design geek-hipster-interwebbers can teach their kids their ABC’s with more culture-relevant examples. Will update with shots of printed cards as soon as I have them.”

Ready to see the rest?

I’m not sure what Cook’s plans are as far as selling them goes (IF she plans on selling them) but if you wanna take a closer look at these cards along with some of the other AMAZING stuff she’s designed, hit her official website.

I hope she DOES decide to market these; I know ThinkGeek would snatch these up in a hurry and I myself would buy several sets for my friends’ kids!

Cheers to Laughing Squid for the heads up! T is for Thank and Y is for You!

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