Friday Funnies: “How To Hook Up Your Home Theater”

By March 6, 2015

As March Madness is now upon us, some sport fans (and let’s face it, gamers) view it as the perfect opportunity to soup up their home theater systems and with the recent Toy Story 4 news, I thought I’d share “How To Hook Up Your Home Theater,” from my favorite Disney “Instructional Shorts” series – starring the one and only Goofy.


Have a great weekend, everyone!

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Cricket Lee
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  • Annie

    goofy was always my favorite

  • mysteryman

    nostalgia to the next level


    why can’t kids shows be like they used to?

  • GeekSteev

    lmao this brings back so many good memories

  • ron paul

    mickey mouse era was where it was at! maybe technology wasn’t as advanced but at least the cartoons were much smarter

  • James

    nothing beats watching a vintage toon clip to put things in perspective