‘Fringe’: Lance Reddick on the Show’s Impact and ‘Star Trek’ at the Saturn Awards

By June 27, 2014

“Fringe” was one of my favorite shows and I was heartbroken when it went off the air. I was thrilled to get a chance to chat with star Lance Reddick (who you also know from “Oz and “The Wire as the voice of Ra’s al Ghul in “Beware the Batman”) at the Saturn Awards last night. He talked about the impact of “Fringe” on the world of sci-fi and his great love for Star Trek.

GeekNation: I’m a huge fan of “Fringe.” What do you think it’s mean to the world of sci-fi?

Lance Reddick: Part of me is still amazing at how popular the show was and is, and it seems like it keeps getting more popular as time goes on. The thing about it is, the other big show I was part of like that is “The Wire.” I feel like in terms of just pure action/adventure and dealing with family, it was to science fiction what “The X-Files” was to character drama. What “The Wire” was to the cop show and what “Battlestar Galactica” was to the Greek operatic epic.

GeekNation: See? This makes me think you’re a sci-fi fan!

Lance Reddick: Yes! [laughs]

GeekNation: What started you in sci-fi?

Lance Reddick: Probably Star Trek. I mean, I remember the first time — I was doing a play at the Guthrie Theater at the time and I was doing a panel with the other actors at the time. Somebody asked me what made you want to be an actor. It’s funny. I didn’t want to be an actor growing up, because I wanted to be a Captain Kirk!


GeekNation: Was the original series your thing? Or “Next Generation”?

Lance Reddick: You know, I’m embarrassed to say it, but I’m just now getting into “Next Generation”! Even though I think that’s the most popular of all, from what I understand. It was a little too cerebral for me at the time, because I was used to the original, which is a Western in space most of the time. But I think “Next Generation” is much closer to Gene Roddenberry’s vision. Then I was addicted to “Star Trek: Voyager,” so that was one of my shows. I have all seven season!

GeekNation: What projects do you have coming up?

Lance Reddick: Well, I start working on a new series for Amazon called Bosch in August. I don’t know if you’re familiar with the series by Michael Connelly, but Hieronymus Bosch or Harry Bosch, not the painter [laughs], but he’s a homicide detective. Basically it’s film noir set in modern day Los Angeles. I’m going to be playing a character in the books called Irving who is a police chief. He’s basically Bosch’s chief nemesis in the department. I mean, his whole goal is to be the chief of police. Eventually in the books it gets to the point where he gets pushed out and becomes a city councilman, and then he becomes the department’s harshest critic. I hope all of that will play out over the course of five or six seasons.

How much do you miss “Fringe”? Sigh. Let us know in the comments!

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