From The “Frozen” Files: All Hail King Elsa!

By March 5, 2015

Meet Daniel, a.k.a. Deviant Art’s DakunCosplay from Italy, whom I found on Nerdist. According to his profile, he was born with “eyes already opened to the world,” his “soul restless and free,” and is one hell of a cosplayer. His latest is the gender-bending of one of the most popular Disney princesses of all time, Elsa from Frozen.




I expect to see some of you gents trying this out because straight or gay, you’ll be a HUGE hit!

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Cricket Lee
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    finding this to be a little uncomfortable because of how much of his chest is showing

  • your worst nightmare

    that’s actually really creative…i bet no other guy has the guts to do this out of fear of being called gay!

  • ron paul

    this guy always takes it to the next level with his cosplayy, its ridiculously cool

  • RydeOrDye

    frozen is like…the biggest thing since sliced bread ?? and i’ve never even seen it.