From The WTF Files – “Napoleon Dynamite Ruined My Life!!”

By February 26, 2013

So here’s something I (and possibly the rest of the world) didn’t know: Napoleon Dynamite star Efren Ramirez has a twin brother…oh and he threatened to sue said brother for $10 million and change for accepting appearance fees as “Efren”.

That’s right, darlings. According to TMZ (who I RARELY use as a source but this was such a WTF moment, it was just too good to pass up), Efren sent a cease-and-desist letter to his twin Carlos in 2008 warning him to stop making appearances as him.

Carlos says that he only started taking the appearance gigs when brother Efren was too busy to attend and asked Carlos to hit the gigs as him.  But it was when Carlos admittedly hit an event as Efren without his knowledge/permission out of spite (aka “over a girl”) was when keeping it real went wrong.

Once Efren’s lawyer sent Carlos said C&D letter in effect advising Carlos to “stop interfering with Efren’s personal and professional life, unless you have an extra $10 million handy” (totally paraphrasing), Carlos stopped being Efren and started concentrating on his own acting career.

This kind of reminded me of another famous pair of twins known as the Gallaghers.

Leo (a.k.a REAL Gallagher) with trademark Sledge-O-Matic and a watermelon while brother Ron’s about to smash some beans

Anyone worth their salt and is a fan of comedy is well aware of Gallagher’s political rhetoric and life lessons always ended with mixed in with an epic watermelon smashing courtesy of his famous barker’s spiel and tagline “and don’tcha wanna know what it is?!” before brandishing and covering the first 4 rows (who’re warned in advance to bring rain gear or a trash bag) all types of food like stuffs courtesy of the one and only Sledge-O-Matic.

REAL Gallagher, real Sledge-O-Matic

Gallagher (first name Leo) was HUGE in the 80’s and early 90’s but his twin, Ron, wasn’t doing quite as well. Being a good guy and wanting to help out his unemployed brother, Leo gave Ron permission to perform the “Sledge-O-Matic” bit under the condition that Ron made it VERY clear to the fans that it was he doing the bit and not the “REAL Gallagher”.

For a while, everything was on the level but then Ron started “blurring the lines” so to speak, touring as “Gallagher Too” or “Gallagher II” and stopped mentioning he wasn’t the real Gallagher. So it was no surprise to anyone when the REAL Gallagher (a.k.a. Leo) sued Ron in 2000 for trademark violations and false advertising…he obviously won the suit and Ron not only CAN’T ever perform Sledge-O-Matic again but is not allowed to “intentionally try to look like his brother.”

Kinda weird when you’re sued and no longer allowed to look like someone when they’re YOUR TWIN, right?

I’m not sure what’s happened to the Gallaghers since then but Carlos has told TMZ that he would love to reconcile with Efren. “I would love to talk to Efren. Maybe even work together in the future. His support would be amazing. “I think it’s safe to say the magnitude of Napoleon Dynamite and everything that has come along with it, has ruined my relationship with my twin.”

Efren, however, is having none of it at the moment as evidenced by a statement from his rep saying  “Efren prefers to keep what’s between he and Carlos, between he and Carlos.”

As much as I hate to say this…you gotta get EVERYTHING in writing; even if they’re family.

Carlos (blonde streak) and Efren at Good Luck Chuck premiere

I really hope the Ramirez twins can work it out because they looked like they really loved each other at one point and (from what I hear) there’s not a bond stronger in the world than the one of a twin.

But again, weird s**t happens all the time in this town so who knows? Maybe they’ll star in a twin buddy-cop movie…

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  • Kyle Mark Waal

    Gallagher and Gallagher Too aren’t twins…. Gallagher Too is apparently six years younger. I wonder if Gallagher Too is a racist homophobic dick like his older brother is?