FX Bringing ‘Fargo’ Back for Second Season; ‘Louie’ Gets Shortened Fifth Season

By July 21, 2014

Following a successful run earlier in the summer, FX has decided to renew both their freshman limited series “Fargo” and their ongoing comedy series “Louie,” but each come with some irregular details.

First of all, “Fargo” is a rather surprising renewal for the network. The limited series was envisioned as just that, and there was never any intention of continuing the show following the same characters. However, before the show even aired, FX chiefs had mentioned that if the series did well, it would continue with a completely different storyline and all-new characters. And that’s exactly what will happen.

Essentially, a second 10-episode season of “Fargo” won’t be entirely unlike HBO’s “True Detective,” though it’s clearly not as ominous or foreboding in its grim tone. It will follow a new “true crime” story with new characters and a new time period setting. Noah Hawley will be back as writer and executive producer, which is smart since he helped land FX a total of 18 Emmy nominations for the new series.

Louie - New Season

Secondly, FX is bringing back “Louie” for a fifth season, but much like with their order for a fourth season, there’s a bit of a shake-up regarding its arrival. As you may remember, the fourth season took a much longer hiatus in order to allow for Louis C.K. to effectively get the show done without exhausting himself while taking care of other obligations in his career. We don’t have to wait as long this time, but we also won’t get as much.

The network announced that there will only be seven episodes in the new season that is created, executive produced, written, directed, and edited by comedian Louis C.K., who also just happens to be the star of the show. No reason is given for the upcoming fifth season being nearly half as long as this past fourth season, but we imagine that Louis C.K. gets pretty exhausted when doing all those jobs himself, so it’s not surprising.

The fifth season of “Louie” will arrive in the spring of 2015, but there’s no indication as to when the second season of “Fargo” will arrive. Stay tuned for updates on both shows.

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