FX Developing Peculiar ‘American Psycho’ Sequel TV Series

By September 10, 2013

American Psycho - Huey Lewis

With Showtime’s serial killer series “Dexter” ending in the next couple weeks, audiences might be looking for a new disturbed killer on the small screen to quench their thirst for murder and join “Hannibal” and “The Following” as those shows head into their sophomore seasons. But don’t worry, FX is reaching into the 90s for a new serial killer endeavor.

THR has word that FX is developing a sequel series to the 2000 film American Psycho, based on Bret Easton Ellis’ 1991 novel of the same name. The book and film are set in the 80s, following Patrick Bateman (played in the film by Christian Bale), a clean-cut Manhattan executive who moonlights as a sadistic serial killer, secretly hating his snobby business friends who are part of his upscale lifestyle.

The film acted as an interesting time capsule into the 80s, with heavy satire accentuated by the odd behavior of Bateman himself. However, this new series will be following Bateman in modern day, now in his 50s, as he trains a protege in a sadistic social experiment, who will become every bit his equal and the next generation American Psycho. That sounds more like a lame straight-to-DVD sequel than a TV series, but that horror already exists, and it stars Mila Kunis.

American Psycho - Sunglasses

Lionsgate president of production Allison Shearmur is behind the series with Lionsgate Television and writer Stefan Jaworski, who scripted a Danish TV series called “Those Who Kill,” which is being adapted for American audiences on A&E with Chloe Sevigny in the lead.

We’re skeptical of the story which seems to turn a unique character into nothing more than an average psychopath training another killer, but FX hasn’t made very many bad decisions for TV yet (though “Anger Management” should count as five terrible shows), so we’re hopeful. Of course, Ellis has always considered his material incapable of worthy adaptation and isn’t involved with the series, so we don’t quite know what to expect. This is a continuation of American Psycho after all, so the film and book only serve as inspiration.

Anyone interested in an “American Psycho” TV series?

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