Gal Gadot Signs Three-Film Deal For Wonder Woman

By January 23, 2014

Well, things just got interesting (and kinda weird) over in the Warner Bros./DC camp. Gal Gadot signs a three-film deal that will see her as Wonder Woman inBatman vs. Superman, Justice League, and a Wonder Woman standalone film.


According to Variety, Gadot recently went on popular Israeli show “Good Evening with Gai Pines” and revealed that her three-film deal pays out at $300,000 per film. That’s pretty smart of WB, as the Fast & Furious star has not been road tested as Wonder Woman and in the off-chance her performance eats it, WB can buy out her contract for fairly cheap.

I am still incredibly skeptical of Miss Gadot as Wonder Woman because I have a hard time believing she can pull this off…let’s be real here, darlings. Gadot doesn’t look like she can take a punch.


In MY eyes, Wonder Woman’s features are feminine yet masculine and she herself has a rough and tumble exterior that hides a fragile and emotional heart on the inside…just like any superhero/heroine worth their salt. Wonder Woman has to get just as well as she gives and THIS is where I have trouble believing Gal Gadot can achieve the level of Wonder Woman I’m expecting.


Know who CAN do all these things? Maggie Siff from “Sons Of Anarchy” (above). As Tara Knowles-Teller, she showed she can punch (and take a punch) like a man yet soothe an injured man or scared child with a gentle glance and even gentler touch, remaining tough on the outside while her world seemingly crumbles on the inside.

THIS is Wonder Woman to me…and let’s be real here – Siff straight up looks like Wonder Woman WITHOUT the courtesy of a workout. Pretty awesome, no?

Guess I’ll have to wait till May 6, 2016 for Batman vs. Superman to find out whether or not I’ll be waiting for Gadot in the next two films or continue my hardcore campaign for Maggie Siff as Wonder Woman.

Odds are my campaign will continue. Team Siff, yo.

Stay tuned.

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  • sarahevanston

    I understand what you’re saying but I think she will portray the super hero in an elegant light which is what people want to see. I can’t wait to see what she can do.

  • Sandra Bradford

    Finally Wonder Woman gets a piece of the cake in Super Hero movies. I wonder if she will get a huge part in Batman Vs Superman, which I am anticipating will be the next highest grossing film, that overtakes Avatar.

  • Sarah Nichols

    WOW. $300,000 per film. Therefore she is guaranteed $900,000 in total for the three films. That is not a bad pay check to receive. And don’t forget the other movies like Fast and Furious!

  • Catarina Lampkins

    May 6, 2016! Thats ages from now. But I can see your view point and I have to agree I am Team Siff as well. But what can we do about it? Call up WB and tell them they got the wrong actress?

  • Wendy Watson

    Good job Gal Gadot! She was fabulous in Fast and Furious and I can promise you she will not disappoint you as Wonder Woman.

  • Katie Lamoureux

    That is a smart move by WB to offer a price that a actress can’t deny but ins’t too expensive that it isn’t worth breaking the contract. But I think they chose the right actress in my opinion.

  • Jerry Hudge

    She is one of my favorite actress. And I`m sure she is going to be rock again. No doubt!