‘Game of Thrones’ Clip Teaches Arya How to Fight Blind

By April 18, 2016

The season five finale of Game of Thrones left Maisie Williams’ Arya Stark at a perilous moment in her life, after breaking the rules of the House of Black and White and in punishment, being blinded for her disrespect. Now, in the upcoming sixth season, the character will be forced to use her senses and be trained to work past her new disability, in a way that still allows her to become the assassin she sought to be last season.

A new clip from the upcoming season has been revealed online as well, and it shows Arya blind on the streets of Braavos, being forced to fight with sticks, despite being unable to see. Something tells me she’s going to be undergoing a Matt Murdock-esque arc throughout the new season as well. Which I am totally on board for at this point.

Check out the new clip below:

Man, I still really, really hate that other girl.

I see what Williams might have meant when she spoke about how difficult it was to wear the blind contacts all day as well, since her eyes are pure white here. Based off of the reactions I’ve heard about the season premiere as well, it sounds like the new season of Thrones may be off to a stellar start this year. Considering she’s leading one of the most interesting and mystifying storylines in the new season as well, it will be interesting to see where Arya might end up in her training by the end of the new season.

Like all things with this show, it looks like getting those super cool, blind ninja skills we all know she’s destined for, may end up being a lot harder for the character than just a quick Rocky training montage though.

Game of Thrones season 6 will premiere on HBO on April 24th.

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  • David Johnson

    Always a useful skill being able to fight in a pitch dark situation, Matt Murdock, Riddick!!!!