‘Game of Thrones’ Kit Harington Reveals How Death Will Change Jon Snow

By May 5, 2016

Warning: This post contains spoilers for those of you not caught up on Game of Thrones

Last week’s episode of Game of Thrones ended with the moment that fans have been waiting almost a year for at this point, as Kit Harington’s Jon Snow was successfully brought back to life by Melisandre’s ritual to the Lord of Light. The teaser trailer for this Sunday’s coming episode didn’t reveal all that much about Snow’s personality or even role in the new season unfortunately, though we did see him sit up from the table briefly – which was something, I guess.

However, it sounds like the journey back from the dead wasn’t an easy one for Jon to experience, and apparently the beloved character has been permanently changed by the ordeal this season, as Kit Harington himself personally revealed.

While speaking with Entertainment Weekly about Jon’s arc this season, Harington revealed how death has affected Jon’s mind and outlook on life, revealing a small poignant moment from the coming episode:

“At first, I was worried that he’ll wake up and he’s the same, back to normal — then there’s no point in that death. He needs to change. There’s a brilliant line when Melisandre asks: ‘What did you see?’ And he says: ‘Nothing, there was nothing at all.’ That cuts right to our deepest fear, that there’s nothing after death. And that’s the most important line in the whole season for me. Jon’s never been afraid of death, and that’s made him a strong and honorable person. He realizes something about his life now: He has to live it, because that’s all there is. He’s been over the line and there’s nothing there. And that changes him. It literally puts the fear of god into him. He’s seen oblivion and that’s got to change somebody in the most fundamental way there is. He doesn’t want to die ever again. But if he does, he doesn’t want to be brought back.”

Fans have already been busy with speculation about where Jon will go now that he’s been brought back, and has successfully completed his Night’s Watch vows, including what his role in the rest of the Thrones story might be. Possible spoiler warning: it’s looking more and more like this season’s big battle will be a meeting between the show’s two most notable bastards.

With the upcoming episode also rumored to feature the iconic battle between Ned Stark and the Kingsguard outside of the Tower of Joy as well, it’s seeming more and more like this new season of Thrones is  going to be skillfully planting different seeds and moments throughout each episode, that could all possibly connect back to Jon Snow. For right now though, the bastard Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch is back and he’s free, and it doesn’t sound like he’ll be wasting any time moving forward with his life and mission.

Game of Thrones airs every Sunday night on HBO.

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