Game Review: Saints Row IV Delivers The Flow

By August 29, 2013


In the fourth installment in the Saints Row series, the people of Steelport City find themselves under a full-scale alien invasion and as the President, you gots to save your peoples. Thanks to an evil alien overlord named Zinyak, you find yourself locked in virtual-Steelport City, but thanks to a sidekick named Kinzie who hacks the simulation, you can run all over virt-Steelport picking up skills and weapons (like a Dubstep Gun) in order to destroy the sim and make your way out to destroy Zinyak and save the planet.

The dialogue’s pretty dang funny and being able to customize your character in different races/skin tones, sex and weight are pretty dope but I had a good laugh when your choices of voice were “Male 1, Male 2, Female 1, Female 2, Nolan North” and the fact you could have a female avatar with North’s voice coming out of it is entertaining as all hell.

HOWEVER, for me the action became slightly repetitive and at times, thoroughly frustrating to the point that I had to give up on a couple side quests after failing to reach the goal after a couple hours. The other question that I had was once you gain super sprint, what’s the point of stealing/driving a car (which I’ve also never been a fan of) anymore? And hearing Kinzie literally bitch at you while you’re trying to figure out what up or you’re stuck in a spot makes you wish you could silence her…but you can’t because she’s your friggin’ lifeline.

There’s also no sound indication when using “X” to swap weapons you find on street, dead guys, etc, so that can be a little annoying as well.

I loved the radio feature and loved even more that I could create my own “mixtape” by grabbing as many tracks from all the given radio stations (my mixtape was pretty damn killer, not gonna lie).

The end credits are something you should stick around for, it’s got soul as well as a touching farewell to Michael Clarke Duncan (the original Benjamin King). But know that just because you’ve done your job, the game doesn’t end there; virt-Steelport is still open for you to go back and complete any pesky side quests you missed or failed to complete.

Visuals – 9.0


I am an absolute SUCKER for the colors red and purple, so this was a mega feast for my eyes and the Professor Genki side game’s bright and shiny!

Sound – 9.0

The radio stations are dope (including a classical station in case you prefer to rampage to Beethoven) and the ability to make a mixtape is a plus. Dubstep gun OMG Dubstep gun. I HATE dubstep, but this gun is pretty spiffy…wubwubwub.

Controls – 8.0


Pretty straightforward (if you’ve never played any Saints Row title, turning on the tutorial for a bit is your friend) but I had some problems with the “throwing stuff then shooting” as it was a weird combo but eventually my fingers untied themselves and I was good to go.

Gameplay – 7.5

Fans of the franchise will wanna play every side quest and mini-game (as well as collecting 100 data clusters), but for me I didn’t feel that immediate need to turn on my console to play as soon as I walk in the door like I do with other games. That SAID, once I buckled in, I found myself having a genuinely good time.

Replay Value – 8.0

This game DEFINITELY has replay value, thanks to all the options you have in creating characters, sweet clothing, epic weapons and the plethora of side quests and mini-games will have any Saints Row fan coming back for more.

Overall – 8.5

Although this game wasn’t my cuppa, I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t a funny, entertaining, and beautiful game to look at. Fans of the franchise will find a lot of fun things to do in this game.

I say go for it.

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