‘Gamergate’ Movie Headed to Theaters With Scarlett Johansson in the Mix to Star

By November 10, 2015

One of the biggest examples of online bullying comes in the form of #GamerGate. Yes, that is a hashtag; yes, you can look it up to get a better grasp on the ugly situation. Doing some digging, I happened upon Birth. Movies. Death’s story, via theWrap, on it and they have a great quote from Zoe Quinn, the person who started the whole movement:

Gaming and internet message boards used to be niche interests, mostly for young men. In the past few years, however, they’ve gone mainstream. Millions of people — including women and other marginalized people — have taken an interest in the platforms, image boards, and discussion forums that once belonged by default to a much smaller population. Most gamers give zero fu*ks about this. Like the rest of us, they’re just here to play games. But a vocal minority are clinging onto the brand of Cheetos-and-Mountain-Dew exclusionary identity “hardcore gamer”, muttering ”fu*kin casuals” under their breath.

That is from Quinn herself. The book apparently offers a more in depth look at the whole story with the movie focusing more on the main cause of it all. Via BMD:

The story of how a vindictive ex’s viral blog post turned Quinn’s life upside down. It will follow the harassment of GamerGate, and more importantly, Quinn’s decision to fight back, forming the anti-harassment task force Crash Override Network and speaking before the global media, Congress, and the UN.

From what I am hearing and reading around the web, this battle against online harassment is still going on and Quinn has found no resolution. It will be interesting to see if some sort of conclusion will be reached for a “movie ending.” Since there really hasn’t been a spotlight on this controversy, I am glad to see one is finally coming to fruition.

Via the Wrap, we know that former Sony Pictures studio head Amy Pascal will produce with screenwriters Rebecca Angelo and Lauren Schuker Blum adapting Quinn’s memoir, which is titled: “Crash Override: How to Save the Internet From Itself.” And as the Wrap also reports, none other than Scarlett Johansson is eying the lead role of Quinn. This would, of course, make this a must see movie for a wide audience, something that would lead to some much needed attention to the cause.

No release date has been set and as of this report, Scarlett Johansson is merely rumored to be interested in the part. We will update the story as soon as more details emerge.

And as always, check back for more updates — right here on GeekNation.

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