Gamescom 2013: The Best 8 Bits From The First 3 Days

By August 23, 2013

Gamescom2013-LogoLike most of you out there, I have found myself living vicariously through all this news coming in from Germany. Gamescom is well under way and not wrapping up until Sunday the 25th. Amidst the cavalcade of information that has been coming down the pipeline, there are 8 bits (get it?) that are now on my proverbial radar. Like to hear them? Here it goes.

 8 – XBOX One’s New Indie Developer Platform 


Earlier this week, Microsoft announced a new feature for the XBOX One called ID@Xbox. This is a program designed to encourage independent developers to use the console. Starting in the fall, the first stage is to begin and that entails handing out dev kits to a small group of developers who can apply here. This announcement opposes rumors that were floating around about Microsoft not allowing self-publishing on the new system. This is another example of Microsoft competing with Sony, as they have had a decent rapport with indie developers for some time.

From what I’m gathering, the first stage mentioned above will eventually expand into a broader program after they work out the kinks. The end goal is to have every XBOX One function as a dev kit. Intriguing concept. On top of this, Microsoft is getting rid of the individual categories for its games. The hope is that social discovery will bring attention to worthwhile games big and small. Like I said – intriguing!

7 – PS4 Release Date & Price

PS4-gamescomNovember 15th is the day Sony has picked to release the highly anticipated next generation of the Playstation console in America. Europe will see the PS4 hit shelves on the 29th of that month. A million consoles are already on preorder according to Sony. At a price of $399 here in the states, there’s a pretty solid chance these goodies will not be on any shelves in any stores by the time you decide to get your holiday shopping done. The pressure is on, Microsoft!

6 – Call Of Duty: Ghosts – Upgradable From PS3 to PS4

cod-ghosts-gamescomWhile we’re on the subject of the PS4, Sony mentioned on Tuesday that some select games will be upgradable from the PS3 to PS4 for a $10 fee. The only title they referenced so far is Call Of Duty: Ghosts and that’s fine right there! I don’t know about you, but I’m the type of guy that doesn’t like to wait to play a game once it’s out and COD: Ghosts will be released on November 5th. A $10 fee to upgrade to the PS4 version sounds pretty cool and gives Sony a leg up in the competition. If Microsoft came out now and retracted their “no backwards compatibility comment” for the XBOX One, that’d make things very interesting.

5 – The Terminator Will Be Back As A Video Game


UK’s Reef Entertainment has gone and acquired the exclusive rights to genre classics The Terminator and Terminator 2: Judgement Day. The announcement Reef has made states they will be making video games based on the licenses (just console rights for the 1984 film) and the first of which will be titled Terminators: The Video Game. There’s no word yet if Arnold will be reprising the role as a voice in the game nor is there any video footage or further details that come with this news. Hell, if this is anything like Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, I’m so on board!

4 – LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Looks MarvelOUS

LEGO_MarvelSuperHeroesI sure do love these LEGO games so it’s a no brainer that the new trailer released for LEGO Marvel Super Heroes is something I am immediately itching to play. Dammit, though, look at this trailer! They have pretty much thrown everyone into this game! X-Men? Check! The Fantastic Four? You got it! Spider-Man? Hell yes!

There is so much awesomeness packed into this trailer that instead of continuing to bombard you with my words, I advise you just click play and see for yourself. And come on, isn’t Lego Dr. Doom just adorable?

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes is set for a fall release.

3 – Bungie’s Behind The Scenes Look At Destiny

bungie-destinyI’m going to be honest here and tell you all I am not a fan of the Halo games. Go ahead, send your hate mail! I’ll wait…

My disdain for the Halo games aside, I have to admit Destiny looks like some outstanding work all around and after viewing the video below that was released at Gamescom by Bungie, this is definitely a title I must at least play (but will probably own soon enough!). The gameplay, customization and co-op modes they discuss are very intriguing and it may be safe to say that this game will be a game changer. A video game game changer? Sure, why not.

Destiny will be released on June 30th, 2014 which is a week after my birthday (hint!)

2 – Batman! Arkham! Origins! Firefly! Trailer! 

Earlier in the week, I found myself salivating over the screenshots that were released showing the new bat cave for the upcoming Batman: Arkham Origins.



arkham-screenshot-3To say that I’m excited would be an understatement. But then, earlier this week, a trailer was released at Gamescom that pretty much blew the lid off the whole situation for me and in turn, I needed a new pair of pants. Ladies and Gentleman, I give you Firefly!

Dude’s got a jetpack and flame thrower! Also, being an origin story, we have a younger Batman which may also prove to stir up some interesting shenanigans throughout. Batman: Arkham Origins needs to come now! Alas, we must wait until October 25th for it’s release. And yes, it’ll be available on XBOX 360, PS3, Wii U and PC.

1 – One Word: Titanfall

Titanfall-gamescomHere I am raving about all these pieces of news and game trailers above and then I happened upon Titanfall. I originally saw some posters advertising the title at E3 but I didn’t pay much attention. Egg on my face! This game, man! It just appeals to every wonderful thing hearkening back to my childhood.

Let me backtrack here a bit. Titanfall is the debut title from Respawn Entertainment and won more than 60 awards when it was unveiled at E3. You can see in the video below, the game has the first-person shooter element but it transcends that genre and adds in some new elements. The first thing I thought about was Borderlands and how that game took the FPS concept and turned it on its head.

What’s so great here? I hear the gameplay is pretty concise and fresh. I like that but my brain just keeps shouting one thing at me that I shall now yell at you – TITANS! There is a feature where your pilot can jump on into a Titan and then you’re controlling one massive mech. Yeah, Respawn, you win. Now take all of my money!

With all the news that continues to pour in from Cologne, it should go without saying that I’m just scratching the surface with highlights of the event. That being said, fellow gamers, what are you looking forward to most from Gamescom 2013? Let me know in the comments below!

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