Geek Fashion: Back to School!

By August 29, 2012

Each week I do a geeky fashion blog – and this week it’s all about that back-to-school happenings!  Backpacks, uniforms, USBs…. Check out some of my favorite finds for yourself or your tyke below.

These Mad Pax Spiketus Rex, Bubble and Later Gator backpacks are to die for!  And the boots, hats and cardigans make the whole look.

The backpacks come in Full Pack, Half Pack, Nibbler and Mighty Bite.

These jackets, are made from recycled plastic, and even have killer names like “Stain Defense” and “Stormwear”.

And for the geek chic look: Zoobug‘s children’s eyewear.  I love them all.

A new take on the traditional uniform – lots of color!

And a retro kick-back that I just ordered for myself.  Not kidding.

Of course, you must accessorize!

Mimoco’s Hello Kitty nerd addition USB can hold up to 16 GB.  Because USBs really are the new Trapper Keepers.

This little guy reminds us that toddlers can be geek chic too!

If you see any cool geeky fashion out there share the links in the comments below. I’d love to check it out and maybe even feature your link in an upcoming blog!

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