Geek Fashion: Geeky Bras

By August 8, 2012

Clothing has long been a canvas for creating beautiful art.  So I ask you, why has the brassiere so long been ignored?  Hidden away behind sweaters, shirts and blouses, the beauty of the bra has traditionally been confined to laces, ribbons and bows…. until now!

Fear not geek lovers, and lovers of geeks – you’re time has come!  Check out some of the raddest over-the-shoulder boulder holders ever created!

There’s nothing like the original.


Lights!  Camera!  Action….


New meaning to the term “titty-twister.”


Marge Simpson’s “date night” bra.


A TMNT staring down your date.


Goes well with the heal in last weeks post!


Trekkie’s unite.


Angry Birds.


Shouldn’t it be Ms. Pac-Man?


Classic Batman.




She looks like such a sourpuss!


Perfect bra for control freaks.


Can you guess which one I’m wearing now?

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