GeekNation Partners with Elio Motors For Comic-Con 2014

By July 15, 2014

Say hello to Elio!

San Diego Comic-Con is only a few days away, and GeekNation is excited to announce that we’ll be partnering with Elio Motors to deliver some awesome exclusive content from around the convention.


We’ll be conducting interviews with celebrities in Elio’s futuristic three-wheeled vehicles as we drive from the convention center, through San Diego’s Gaslamp District, and up to the Hard Rock Cafe, and there will be various hotspots around the grounds where you can explore these vehicles firsthand.

Elio Back Angle

GeekNation is proud to introduce this sleek, environmentally friendly car to the Comic-Con crowd, who will also have the opportunity to pose for photos with the vehicles around the convention and get their first look at the car of tomorrow. Fans will also have a chance to get to know more about Elio Motors by visiting our booth. Pretty cool, right? Check out what our partners have to say about their product:

The Elio is an Ultra High-Mileage Vehicle that gets a staggering 84 MPG Highway for a base price of only $6,800, making it the ultimate “must have” for commuting to work, roads trips or simply driving around town. Imagine traveling 672 miles on a single tank of gas.

Paul Elio’s vision was to provide an affordable vehicle for everyone, to reduce our dependence on foreign oil, make an immediate impact on our environment, while bringing back American manufacturing jobs. The birthplace of the Elio is to take place at the former state of the art GM Hummer plant in Shreveport, Louisiana, a nice irony of our changing needs.

Reserve your place in line today at


Be sure to stop by and see us at our Comic-Con booth, and we’ll see you guys next week in San Diego!

  • Thomas Leath

    I Can’t wait to sit inside one of these!

    • Harold M Cauthen

      No doubt!

      • George C Winter

        It would be nice if they had full interior shots on their website.

        • Heather Waldie Galbreath

          Things are in flux =-being refined – the orange one is P4 (4th prototype) but if you look at some of the review videos, they show the back seat and hatchback. I’d say big enough (with the rear seat folded down) for a set of goplf clubs (I think – I don’t play). MINE will be red (#4387!). If there was a way to “jump” to the head of the line by risking the entire selling price, I would. I think this vehicle (auto-car in Colorado – NOT a motorcycle) will be the VW of the 2020s. TERRY sends.

        • Qwurpy

          Heather Waldie Galbreath is spot on. The interior is not final but even in its current state, it’s nice enough for $6,800. The stock car will have most of the basic optoins, but there will be a number of add-ons so you can add different accessories to make it your own (after sale options are currently TBD but I’m sure they’ll be listed on the Elio Motors website closer to production).

          I took some video when they came to Chicago. You can see a little more of the dash and controls. I’ve posted the video here:

          I really wasn’t able to get a great shot of the back seat from inside because it was incredibly busy and I didn’t want to interrupt the line of people waiting to get inside the car. However, as others have said, the back seat is comfortable and roomy enough.

          It’s an idea that’s long over due and it’s going to be a great car at a great price.

    • HowsTheHope

      I had the good fortune to sit in one when they were near Chicago. But now I can’t wait to DRIVE one! Should be fun to say the least.

  • Paul C Langford

    Time to sell my overpriced motorcycle and get an Elio! Can’t wait to check one out at Comic-Con!

  • Rubin L Cole

    I want one!

    • Joel Socorro and as little as $100.00 deposit to hold you one. (Look at the creative way they have to pay for it!)

    • Kimberly Burgess

      Elio has proposed a Gas Card Payment Plan. If you’re used to paying $60 for a tank of gas, and the Elio only runs $20 or so for the same, the gas card will charge you $60 (3 times what you pay in gas), and apply that extra charge to your loan. So for this example, the gas card would apply $20 to your gas tank and $40 to your loan. This will allow you to pay the loan off early without really thinking about it.

  • Barbara J Adam

    Very, very cool!

  • Edward T Garcia

    I’ll take two! Ha!

    • Joel Socorro

      Why I did give a deposit on two Edward…HA! And I am going to place a Cadillac emblem on the front, a set of 22 inch wheels and fill vehicle with BLING, as the amplified stereo Thumps Rap down in the ganst’a hood! (I will wave at ya when I drive by ya standing on the street.)

  • Mack Felix

    That white one on their website is the bomb dot com! Beautiful.

  • just me

    I get number 1444 when produced. Woo Hoo! I am ALL IN.

  • Dorothy Farrell

    I think I just found my graduation present. Woo-hoo!

  • Timothy W Williams

    I’ve considered buying a Can-Am Spyder but at more than double the money of an Elio, that would be stupendously foolish. Awesome.

    • Harold M Cauthen


    • Nic Bongers

      Spyders are a lot more power and probably only around 20mpg.

      • Xenti

        Also, they exist. The Elio is never actually going to come to market.

    • Mr. Idaho

      Even Spyder owners will admit that it does not corner well.

      • Paladin

        Nope, as a spyder owner and previous regular trike (not reverse-trike) owner, I can tell you the spyder will out corner any bike on the road.

  • Harold M Cauthen

    Talk about perfect for tooling around town. Sweet!

  • George C Winter

    Nice ride. I’m ready for a test drive.

  • MattBanker

    Please let us know what your booth number at SDCC is!

  • Fred Smith

    I’ve reserved two, and I can’t wait to get them!

  • Joshua Payne

    I’m all in for this. Excited for next year! Any chance for an earlier production?

  • Joel Socorro

    I have given them my $1,000. deposit & hope to have it this time next year. Since then, placed a deposit on a second one. They look like will do everything my spouse & I need to do, and (until now) have not been able to afford a factory new vehicle since 1993.

    • Michael L. Hoenig

      Production starts in September 2015, so you’ll be waiting at this time next year 🙁

  • Kimberly Burgess

    I am number 446 in line! 😀 I loved seeing the Prototype that came to Henderson last year, and am looking forward to seeing P4 in San Diego! 😀 I’ve been teasing my girlfriend with the idea of having my Elio painted to resemble the General Lee. Alternately I’ve threatened to get a Tesla Roadster and paint it like that. 😉

    • Joel Socorro

      # 446…NICE!!! I did not get in until March this year. When your arrives, come to NM and pick me up! Then, we can go to dinner in it.

      • Paladin

        #758 and I live in NM! LOL

  • darrell jones

    The Elio will be my cross country back road indoor bike. So cool…so cheap!!

  • Thomas

    This thing has lot of room in the rear seat. I’m 6’2″ tall, it has plenty elbow room. Can’t wait zoom around town in that thing.

  • Kent Beuchert

    In terms of lower emissions, the Elio absolutely blows away the Hollywood-environmental-actor-idiot’s favorite the $77K plus Tesla Model S, whose well-heeled buyers are soaking up $7500
    Fed subsidies, plus big subsidies from bankrupt California. On the highway, the Elio is responsible for emissions 4 times lower than the Tesla vehicle, and in terms of dollar spent, it reduces emissions 32 to 40 times greater than the Tesla. And gas consumption is reduced 5 to 6 times more than a dollar spent on a Tesla achieves. Federal subsidies for the Tesa are both obscene and insane.

  • Kinda makes my Prius look silly

  • Bob Short

    I am all in for some time now. Still waiting for a production #.wondering when I can expect that to come.

    • just me

      you can email them and they will email you back in a couple days. I did that and got a super friendly response.
      I’m number 1444. ROCK ON!

  • Rick Deckard

    Elio Motors is going to be great …. I have met most of the people behind this and they are just honest down to earth people …. The Elio is going to be a big game changer and it is about time… My family has reserved two. US made,$6800 base price, designed for a 5 star safety rating with air bags, roll cage large crush zones and AC/heat standard … over 90% North American content…84 MPG highway with the AC on and 49 City…. what is not to like in a cool little two seater -perfect for commuting or those little get away trips

  • Scott Chissus

    I have reserved my Elio. I just turned 62. I will be 63 when I get mine. I wish they would hurry up before I am dead. Patience grasshopper !