GeekNation Visits ‘Delusion: Masque of Mortality’

By October 21, 2013


Delusion: Masque of Mortality is much more than any ordinary Halloween event in Los Angeles. The experience takes place in a creepy church, which emits a serious sense of foreboding from the outside. Once inside the church, you are assigned a group name (mine was Famine 500 – awesome), which you will wait to hear called. You’re then led to a lounge area, which is exceptionally beautiful and eerie, where music that is accurate to the era of the story plays. Songs like Connee Boswell’s “Concentratin’ on You” sets a beautiful counter-balance to the creepy décor of the lounge.


Once your group is called, you are led into the heart of the story, which centers around a group of outsiders (you and the others that you’re with) that have clean blood amidst the growing infection of the plague, who aim to evade The Doctors that seek a cleansing of those infected, as well as a new life “free of the oppression of God and human limitations.”

Each and every actor encountered throughout the production is truly impressive, and play their parts perfectly. The characters you encounter throughout your journey are vital in progressing the intense storyline, and each character successfully brings the audience into the world they are immersed in. This is not the event for you if you simply want to participate as an onlooker, because you will be engaged in nearly every aspect: crawling, running, hiding, and sometimes being separated from your group. The interactivity is what makes Delusion not only unique, but also extremely effective at achieving the desired emotional effect.

The costuming and makeup is perfect. Even when you are close enough to the actors that they can touch you, the makeup still looks impeccable. The costumes in general are wonderful, but the designs for The Doctors nearly left me speechless. Incredibly haunting, affecting, and powerful. The imagery of a Doctor leading myself and one other member of my group down a dark, deserted hallway is forever seared into my memory.


While there are plenty of horror events in Los Angeles – check out Aaron Pruner’s weekly entries detailing all of those – if you can only attend one, I recommend it be Delusion. In my opinion, Delusion is the single most impressive horror event to exist in Los Angeles. That’s not an exaggeration. It is perfect in every way. Whether you’re a horror fan or not, it is truly remarkable and absolutely not to be missed. It is a fully immersive experience and I could not have asked for anything more engaging, exciting, or intense. Over the last three years, Delusion has been progressively getting more refined and creatively engaging, and I look forward to what next year’s event has to offer.

Tickets are already sold-out through October, but you have until November 23rd to experience this incredible interactive play.

Tickets can be found at, and don’t let the $60 price tag scare you away. It’s worth every penny.

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Amanda Story

Amanda Story

Amanda is a GeekNation contributor who lives in Los Angeles.