George Lucas is a Huge Fan of Marvel’s ‘Han Solo’ Comic

By August 2, 2016

George Lucas made headlines last year when he shared some less-than-positive thoughts on Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens, the first film in the property’s now Disney-owned era, and the first film to be without him really involved in its creative processes. After that, it seems uncertain how he’d feel about any of the future Star Wars content over the coming years, especially as a majority of it continues to focus more on the Original Trilogy characters and previous films.

However, the films aren’t the only new content being added to the Star Wars mythology now, and as it turns out, Lucas is actually a huge fan of Marvel’s new Han Solo comic book, and just put in a massive request regarding the first two issues.

This all comes thanks to a Facebook post from artist Mark Brooks (H/T CBR), who said that Lucas recently requested every single one of the original comic book pages from the first two issues, which as you can probably imagine, is a pretty big deal.

Aside from how expensive it can be to purchase original comic book pages (not that that’s an issue for Lucas), the fact that he’s requested every single one of the pages from both of the first two issues must mean that he really likes the Han Solo comic so far. Considering how little interest or real love of the new Star Wars content coming from Disney right now that Lucas has shown up until this point as well, it’s nice to know that he’s enjoying this new phase at least a little bit now.

Written by Marjorie Lie with art from Brooks, the first two issues of Han Solo are available in all local comic book shops now.

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