George Miller Confirms He Has Had Meetings With DC

By October 1, 2015

George Miller has been on the mind every film fan over the past few months. After the critically-acclaimed filmmaker roared back into theatres earlier this year with the action “masterpiece”, Mad Max: Fury Road, Miller has been rumored for a number of other blockbuster projects in the months that have followed, that it might be easy to forget that the Australian filmmaker came very close to directing Justice League: Mortal for DC a few years back.

The movie would have been the first film in DC’s cinematic (connected) universe, and had already cast all of its main leads, with Miller even gathering the cast in Australia to prep for shooting. Unfortunately, DC quickly developed cold feet about the project, and it seemingly fell apart. However, there have been multiple rumors over the past few months that Miller could be directing the highly-anticipated Man of Steel 2, leading to fans to wonder if they might finally get to see a Miller-directed superhero movie after all.

While speaking recently with Digital Spy, George Miller confirmed that he has had meetings with DC and Warner Bros. about directing one of their upcoming films, but revealed that the possibility of it actually happening is slim. Instead, the filmmaker revealed he wants his next project to lie on the smaller side of the film spectrum:

“I hope the next film I make is a very small film without any special effects and not many stunts.”

So it doesn’t look like Miller will be directing the Man of Steel sequel after all, or if he does, it may be farther away than fans might have hoped. Although, this doesn’t really come as much of a surprise considering the large spectacle that Fury Road ended up being, and the long, grueling shoot that occurred as well, it makes sense that Miller might want to make his next film a bit on the more relaxing side. However, this also means that Miller will not be immediately working on a Fury Road sequel like many fans of the film may have hoped.

Considering how artistic Mad Max: Fury Road ended up being though, it would honestly surprise me to see Miller follow it up with a big-budget superhero movie, that would definitely include some studio restrictions. He’s made such a career out of creating original, and unique films that I just can’t see him letting anyone else have control over his projects in the foreseeable future. Anything is possible in Hollywood, but it looks like George Miller has a clear idea of what he wants to do next, and it doesn’t look to include any capes.

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