George Miller Lists Some Potential Directors for a ‘Mad Max’ Spin-Off

By October 6, 2015

Yesterday we let you know that George Miller is currently working on two sequels to this summer’s massive hit Mad Max: Fury Road. I think we can all agree that this is excellent news. But wait! There’s more! And it’s also awesome!

In a recent interview with IGN, Miller was asked about the possibility of following Disney’s Star Wars model and including spin-off films (with other directors at the helm) to the Mad Max universe:

“No, depending on who the director is. It would be wonderful if it was someone like Guillermo [del Toro] or someone like that it would be fantastic.”

Guillermo del Toro directing a Mad Max film? That sound you just heard was literally everyone in the world simultaneously yelling “YES PLEASE!”

But that’s not all. Apparently, Miller’s got at least three other directors in mind for potential spin-offs:

“There are several. I would say there are three, but I won’t say who they are. I keep talking about this being visual music, you need someone very, very strong on film language and syntax. It’s not just lumping a whole lot of action together without any coherence. Those directors who do that are the ones I always just want to see their movies regardless. I always want to see their movies. Like some composers or song writers, you just want to listen to their songs.”

The idea of a Mad Max franchise is pretty exciting, and the fact that George Miller has a handful of directors who he’s like to see play in his sandbox means we could actually see some of this happen. But who besides Guillermo del Toro could handle the post-apocalyptic world of Max, Furiosa, and all those crazy war boys? How about Alfonso Cuaron? Maybe Alejandro Innaritu? Matthew Vaughn, anyone? I’m just thinking of dudes off the top of my head, and of course I have no idea who George Miller has in mind. Bottom line: with Miller handling the main Max story, and Miller-approved directors making spin-offs, this could turn into one hell of a franchise.

Who would YOU pick to direct a Mad Max spin-off?

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