George Miller Weighs in on ‘Fury Road’ Fan Theory

By November 2, 2015

We’re all in agreement: Mad Max: Fury Road was freaking awesome, right? Along with melting all our faces and being one of the best action movies of all time ever, Fury Road inspired a fairly clever fan theory that gained significant traction throughout the interwebz. In case you missed it, the theory states that Tom Hardy’s Max is not the same as Mel Gibson’s from the original trilogy. Instead, he is the Feral Kid from Mad Max 2, all grown up and adopting Max’s identity as his own. Pretty cool, huh?

There’s been plenty of debate for both sides since the theory came out, but people yelling at each other on the internet never solves anything. Thankfully, now we’ve got a substantial take on the subject from the man behind all the mayhem, George Miller. In a recent interview with IGN, the director was asked for his thoughts on this interesting theory:

“Oh that’s really interesting. It sounds strange coming from the person whose brain these stories come out of… You know what’s really interesting is that in a way these are allegories, and in many ways the story is in the eye of the beholder.”

Ah, the old “open to interpretation” line. That’s always enjoyably vague. Go on, George.

“There are resonances we see: there is always a dominance hierarchy with a tyrannical leader, like Immortal Joe; there’s always a struggle for resources; the few controlling the many. And all those sort of things. You interpret the story according to the way you see the world. That’s what we do in songs, in poetry – that famous story in of some guy who figured out what Freddie Mercury and the guys were doing with Bohemian Rhapsody; he had this theory, and Freddie Mercury said, ‘If you see it, dear – it’s there’.

“And I think that’s [the Fury Road fan theory] a reasonable interpretation, but not in my mind.”

So basically Miller’s answer to the question of whether or not Hardy’s an adult Feral Kid is “Not really. But if you want to think that, I’m ok with it.” Which I suppose is as nice an answer as we could have hoped for from the director. Of course there’s a chance that Hardy IS the Feral Kid in Fury Road and Miller’s just waiting until a future installment in the franchise before developing that idea further, and if so he obviously isn’t about to give that away now. Either way, it’s a fun idea and the fact that Miller didn’t shoot it down definitively means it will continue to be a source of speculation for fans of the film worldwide.

In case you’re curious as to what sort of proof the conspiracy theorists have that points to Hardy not being Mel Gibson’s Max, here are a few points from the IGN report:

  • Rockatansky gives The Feral Kid a wind-up music box, which is similar to the one we see Hardy’s Max have in his possession (it’s found by one of Immortan Joe’s wives as she pokes about the War Rig).
  • Hardy’s Max doesn’t identify himself until the very end of the move, and even then, his introduction – “Max. My name is Max. That’s my name.” – feels off, strange, as if it’s the first time he’s uttered those words
  • Max is for the majority of Fury Road a dumb character, uttering very few words and mainly communicating through grunts.

I mean…it makes sense. Just saying.

What do you think about this conspiracy theory? Yay? Nay? Got one of your own? Let us know!

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  • Docrailgun

    It doesn’t make any sense. That’s what the director just said.