George R. R. Martin’s ‘The Winds of Winter’ Release Date Possibly Leaked by Amazon

By September 6, 2016

Game of Thrones fans have been eagerly awaiting the release of George R. R. Martin’s The Winds of Winter for years now, and the author hasn’t necessarily made the wait easy either, not making it an insanely long amount of time as it is, but also with the HBO show adaptation only growing in popularity now, and as it moves further and further past what we know from the published books so far.

However, has a new “leak” by Amazon finally revealed the release date for The Winds of Winter? Do we finally know when we can return to Martin’s world in print form again?

Honestly, probably now, but Amazon France has put up a listing for The Winds of Winter online with a release date of March 9th, 2017, and even more interestingly, the listing is still live as well, after already being spotted by several attentive fans. Though, Martin’s UK publisher, HarperCollins responded to the rumor saying, “nothing has been finalized regarding the publication or the date.” His US publisher, Penguin Random House, could not be reached for comment.

This wouldn’t be the first time that Amazon has not only put up false release dates before, but also false dates for Martin’s books even, so make sure to take all of this with a very large grain of salt for the time being. Especially since Martin has previously, expressly stated that when the release date for his next book is decided, he’ll announce it on his blog first.

The release date would make sense though, coming just a little bit before Game of Thrones usually returns for another season on HBO, and even sooner now that the highly-anticipated seventh season will be delayed until the summer of 2017.

The last update that Martin gave on the book was when he regretfully confirmed that it would not be ready in time for Game of Thrones‘ sixth season premiere in April of this year, much to the chagrin of many book readers everywhere. If this release proves to be true though, maybe Martin could still find a way to release the novel before the seventh season, and stop the series from just getting even further ahead of where he’s at in the novels right now.

Again, make sure to treat all of this as just a rumor and nothing more for the time being, but hopefully, even if this ends up being false, it could still be a sign of The Winds of Winter finally being released, after all these years.

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