Get A Closer Look at Disney’s Upcoming ‘Avatar’ Theme Park

By October 14, 2013

Avatar Land 1

James Cameron recently announced that he’ll film three Avatar sequels back to back to back, but apparently that isn’t enough for the one of the world’s high profile filmmakers. He won’t rest until mankind can physically interact with the Pandora environment he envisioned in the first Avatar movie, and now he’s teaming with Disney to create a scenario that comes as close as possible (considering Pandora doesn’t actually exist).

Avatar Land 2

Rumors of an Avatar-themed theme park have popped up multiple times over the years, but thanks to Disney’s D23 site (via Variety), we have our first tangible details of where the park will be, what it will look like, and even a few of the planned attractions. If you want to head to Pandora, go ahead and book your trip to Orlando, Florida in 2017, since it’ll be situated in Disney World’s Animal Kingdom park between Africa and the Oasis. Cameron’s team at Lightstorm Entertainment is working alongside Disney’s Imagineers to bring the park to life, and they have some pretty ambitious plans so far. Take a look at the video below, featuring an introduction by Cameron himself:

Pretty impressive, right? I’m not entirely sure how they’re going to create floating mountains, but that’s why they’re Imagineers and I’m the guy who’ll be in awe of how they manage to pull it off. Cameron plans to release the future Avatar movies in December of 2016, 2017, and 2018, so depending on when exactly this new park opens, there might be a couple more Na’vi adventures for fans to consume before they head to Florida to check this out.

Avatar Land 3

And since this post is related to James Cameron, I’ll end it with this video (as I always try to do when I write about anything that remotely mentions him):

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