Ghost Singles Helps You Make A Love Connection With The Dead

By October 11, 2012

Is your dating life dead on arrival? Do you feel like the number of eligible single people in your hood is getting smaller and smaller? Why limit yourself to mere mortals when there’s a whole afterlife worth of potential soul-mates looking to hook up. is putting a whole new spin on ‘til death do you part.’ Make a truly spiritual connection with single specters and raise the dead together. The site has tons of ways for you to get in touch with the other side. Let’s face it, dating is a whole lot easier when you – literally – have every person who ever lived trying to get up in your crystal ball.

The site is kind of a silly prank, but tis the time of year for this kind of stuff so you’ll have fun poking around for a few minutes. You’ll definitely want to try out the chat.

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