‘Ghostbusters’ Reboot Adds Another Familiar Face

By September 25, 2015

At this point, I’m worried the remake is going to be banking on a nostalgia factor more than it should.

Whether you love it or hate it, the all-female Ghostbusters remake is happening, and it’s happening fast. The movie has received more than its fair share of hate (from myself included) over the past few months, and with more and more details about the film being revealed with it a little bit less than a year away from its theatrical release date – fans definitely don’t seem happy that this remake is coming. Even more than usual.

A lot of the confusion about the project though has come from just how confusing it actually is. We know that the film is technically a reboot of the franchise, but will also feature cameos from the original film’s cast members including Bill Murray, Ernie Hudson, Dan Aykroyd, and more. But the actors will also not be playing their characters from the previous films, and their sudden appearances might end up leaving more viewers scratching their heads rather than squealing with joy. That’d be like casting Kurt Russell in the Big Trouble in Little China remake, but as some random cab driver that the Rock runs into (please don’t do that Hollywood. Please.)

Well, depending on your current stance on the film, this news is either going to make you more happy, or more angry because director Paul Feig has tweeted out a new announcement about the film, revealing that the reboot will feature the return of yet another original cast member – Sigourney Weaver.

Now, no word has come regarding who Weaver will be playing, if she’ll be reprising her role as Dana Barrett, or as a new character. Considering that all of the cast members are playing new characters though, I’d put money on Weaver being someone new to the Ghostbusters world.

There’s been a lot of pure hatred thrown towards this film, and while I’m not happy about it being made either, I’m going to do my best not to rant about it anymore. Anyone who knows me knows that Ghostbusters is my favorite comedy ever made (with Spaceballs as a close second cause I love me some Mel Brooks), and when the all-female reboot was announced, I wasn’t happy about it. I’ll be honest. It’s not because they’re women, or because I think all reboots and remakes are pointless, but it’s because I believe that the humor from the original Ghostbusters is almost impossible to duplicate.

My biggest fear about this film is not that it’s going to suck because I don’t think it will. I think that Paul Feig is a talented director, and the cast he’s assembled is full of strong, charismatic actresses. My biggest fear is that instead of this being a new Ghostbusters movie, it’s going to be a new Paul Feig movie with Ghostbusters in it. Again, I like Feig, but his humor is not the same as the previous films in this franchise. Melissa McCarthy does not have the same comedic style that these films have because most of her humor revolves around vulgar language and ridiculous situations, which is fine because I actually like Melissa McCarthy-led comedy films. I don’t think I’ve laughed harder in a theatre over the past few years than I did during some of her scenes in Bridesmaids.

For me though, Ghostbusters is about Bill Murray trying to charm a college student into having sex with him, even if it means electrocuting some poor guy next to her. For me, Ghostbusters is about Venkman consistently hitting on a possesed Dana Barrett, even after realizing she’s possessed. So give me that in the Ghostbusters reboot, and you might just have a shot. For now, I won’t condemn it, but I’m also not excited for it.

The Ghostbusters remake is set to hit theatres on July 15th, 2016.

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  • David Johnson

    Bill Murray, Sigourney Weaver, Eddie Hudson & Dan Aykroyd, hell I’ll probably go just to watch them!!!!