‘Ghostbusters’ Reboot Won’t Be Released in China

By July 13, 2016

Nowadays, a movie’s international gross is becoming even more important than its domestic, and because of it, some films are beginning to rely on the international market to save them from box office failure, and studios in turn are trying to make sure that their films are accessible for both of the markets. You don’t need to look much further than Pacific Rim even, which didn’t do well financially in the States, but made a noticeable stamp worldwide.

Sony’s new Ghostbusters reboot has a lot riding on its box office success as well, not only because the studio wants to turn a profit on what will hopefully be the beginning of a lucrative new franchise for them, but also because of the significant backlash that the movie has received online as well. Doing well financially could possibly, be the best thing that the studio could hope for when it comes to silencing the online negativity towards the film (as much as they can anyways).

It looks like they won’t be able to count on the Chinese market to help out though, as THR is reporting that the country will not be releasing the reboot in theatres due to the country’s guidelines that block films that promote “cults or superstition.” The report also states that because the previous two Ghostbusters films weren’t released in the country either, Chinese officials don’t believe there will be much of a demand for the reboot.

The movie is projected to have a solid opening weekend in the States, but will be competing with some major tentpole films in the weeks to follow as well, so the studio could be hoping that international gross will be able to help the film be a financial success as well, which probably makes this some delating news for Sony execs right now.

However, this isn’t necessarily the worst news in the world for the film. Fox’s Deadpool was not only banned from China, but was also limited demographically because of its R-rating, and still managed to do incredibly well at the box office this year. Depending on general audiences’ reactions to the film, hope for their new Ghostbusters reboot to due well, and allow for “endless” new sequels, is still alive for the time being.

Ghostbusters meanwhile, will open in the US on July 15th.

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  • Razberry_Yum

    Wait, what? Wasn’t Mojin and The Mermaid, two of their top-earners, heavily steeped in superstitious beliefs?? That excuse sounds like complete BS.