‘Godzilla: Resurgence’, The Monster Revealed

By January 4, 2016

Godzilla may not be returning to American movie screens until 2018, but that doesn’t mean we won’t be seeing the big guy before then. Toho Co. Ltd., the Japanese film studio which first gave us the creature way back in 1954, has already wrapped shooting on their latest film, Godzilla: Resurgence, which they first announced following the success of Gareth Edwards’ film. This will mark the first Japanese Godzilla production since 2004’s Godzilla: Final Wars. Toho hasn’t been very forthcoming with details, aside from special effects director Shin Higuchi promising to deliver “the most terrifying Godzilla that Japan’s cutting-edge special-effects movie-making can muster”. At nearly 400 feet tall, it will also be the largest Godzilla ever.

With the film set for release this summer, we’ve got our first glimpse at the latest version of Tokyo’s least favorite inhabitant courtesy of a few pics that leaked on the interwebz earlier today (via Bloody Disgusting). While these certainly don’t give us the full scope of the monster, they do make it clear that this latest incarnation of Godzilla is very unique. Check it out:

godzilla3 godzilla4 godzilla2 godzilla1

Good luck, Tokyo.

To achieve his vision for the monster, Higuchi will be employing ground-breaking technology, as explained by this SlashFilm article from last month:

Higuchi’s special-effects techniques were amply demonstrated in “Attack on Titan,” a new release received favorably in Japan. The work combines computer graphics with manipulating a towering doll of rippling red muscle that resembles a giant biological anatomy chart, as well as special-effects filmmaking, using actors moving through miniatures, to depict grotesquely enlarged humans. Applying to Godzilla that kind of technology, which Higuchi calls “hybrid,” has never been attempted in Japan. Higuchi is promising just that.

So this isn’t necessarily the finished product we’re seeing here, simply the “towering doll of rippling red muscle” which will then have other special effects added to it. We probably won’t see Godzilla’s true look for the film until we get a full trailer. Still, this is a good idea of what Higuchi meant by “most terrifying Godzilla ever”. Those teeth, man. I love the teeth.

Of course, Toho’s film will have no connection to the universe Gareth Edwards will build with his Godzilla sequel, not to mention the forthcoming showdown with King Kong. Instead, the two franchises will exist independent of each other (for now?). How this will impact the rumored inclusion of classic Toho monsters like Rodan, Mothra, and King Ghidorah in Edwards’ sequel remains to be seen. But the important thing is that fans of Godzilla are just being spoiled rotten right now, and it’s a glorious time to be a kaiju fan.

Just to whet your appetite for Godzilla: Resurgence, check out this teaser trailer that was released in December:

Godzilla: Resurgence comes out (in Japan, at least) on July 29, 2016. Meanwhile, Godzilla 2 is set for release on June 8, 2018.

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  • Charles Swanson II

    That Godzilla looks… bad. Decaying. Edgy. Like something an emo teenager who doodles in math class would draw up from the nightmares of his beatings from bullies before snapping and committing a mass shooting.

    • Armando Lara


  • spacefan1993

    The question I have is, since Hideaki Anno is directing the film, is he going to put some sort of reference to Neon Genesis Evangelion into the film? If he did, that would totally make my day. :3

  • David Burnette

    he looks like hes on cocaine

  • Chuck Devlin

    “Edgy”. I saw that familiar “new” adjective used to describe Godzilla. Everyone tries to be edgy and call themselves unique for it. Everyone’s favorite daikaiju has merely gotten a Stan Lee makeover and joined the ranks of every comic book character that’s been rehashed for the silver screen. Now when I hear Godzilla’s famous roar it’ll sound like Booooo…hiss!

  • JS

    Japanese movies are notorious for bad special effects. If you watch their live-action sci-fi movies, the effects look like video game graphics.