Gordon-Levitt Checks Into Sci-Fi Thriller ‘Sovereign’

By October 19, 2016


Can a man overcome a broken marriage to search and hopefully save his estranged wife and her space station crew?

Joseph Gordon-Levitt thinks so, according to Variety, signing on to the science-fiction film Sovereign as both its star and an executive producer.

Gordon-Levitt will portray a man whose marriage has disintegrated, and seeks to locate his wife and the crew of a space station after they disappear.

That’s really all that’s known about the project, outside of award-winning British writer Jack Thorne stepping in to help rewrite an original draft from Geoff Tock and Gregory Weidman. The script from Tock and Wiedman was actually listed on Hollywood’s “Blacklist” of 2013, highlighting the industry’s best un-produced screenplays.

Television director Marc Munden, who has spent most of his career in British television – outside of a few trips to America like for Quantico on ABC – is set to direct.

Sovereign is being produced by 21 Laps Entertainment, probably best known for its work in Night at the Museum and its sequels.

Gordon-Levitt, who starred in NBC’s sci-fi comedy 3rd Rock From the Sun as a teenager, has maintained a solid geek resume since. His credits include InceptionThe Dark Knight Rises and Looper. He recently played the title role in Oliver Stone’s Snowden, which earned just under $25 million worldwide.

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