‘Gotham’ Gets Six More Episodes in Season One; Future Villains Teased

By October 13, 2014

Good news, “Gotham” fans: the Batman prequel series has been doing so well in the ratings so far that Fox has decided to give an additional six episode order for the first season, bringing the total number of episodes in season one up to 22.

The show stars Ben McKenzie as a young Jim Gordon and Donal Logue as Detective Harvey Bullock, and while it’s been getting some mixed reviews in its early days, it’s also become the network’s highest-rated fall drama debut in 14 years. That’s an impressive feat. (Be sure to check out our episodic reviews of the show by our own Chris Clow right here.)

While “Gotham” does feature a young Bruce Wayne, Batman won’t play a part on the show any time soon; instead, the series focuses more on origin stories for many of the villains in the Batman universe, including The Penguin, The Riddler, Catwoman, and more. And according to IGN, director and producer Danny Cannon and actor Sean Pertwee, who plays Alfred Pennyworth, have now hinted at a few more villains who will appear in upcoming episodes.

Hush slice

First up, Pertwee revealed there will be an Easter egg involving Tommy Elliot, who comic book fans will know as the villain Hush from the iconic 2002-2003 “Batman: Hush” story by writer Jeph Loeb and artist Jim Lee. (I’m not a huge comic book reader, but the two graphic novel collections of this story are among my favorite Batman stories ever told. Really fantastic stuff.) The character of Tommy Elliot was a childhood friend of Bruce Wayne’s, so expect either a mention of him or simply a small appearance – nothing Earth-shaking, since this is just being billed as an Easter egg.

Harley Quinn 2

Next up, at New York Comic-Con, a fan apparently asked Cannon if Harley Quinn would be added to the show’s rogues gallery, and after a bit of a pause, he said, “We’ll get there.” So it sounds like that might happen later on, possibly in the second season of the show. The showrunners have been very secretive about the introduction of The Joker, but one can assume that after he is introduced, Harley won’t be too far behind.

Leslie Thompkins

And finally, Cannon told IGN that they’d soon be introducing the character of Dr. Leslie Thompkins, who in comics lore serves as a mentor figure to Bruce/Batman and is one of the few people to know his true identity. Apparently “Jim Gordon gets to meet her through strange circumstances,” which sounds appropriately mysterious. Cannon said that we should expect to hear casting news about this role this week, so keep your eyes peeled for that.

Are you excited about the future of “Gotham”? Which of these new characters are you most looking forward to seeing on the small screen?

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