‘Gran Turismo’ Movie Races into Development at Sony

By July 23, 2013


Anyone who has followed the film industry for a while can tell you Hollywood often works in cycles. Competing studios seem to all come to a consensus about their film strategies and then work their asses off to make sure their particular brand comes out on top. Volcano movies? Sure, let’s give Dante’s Peak and Volcano a shot. Animated movie about ants? Drop A Bug’s Life and Antz into the same cage and let them fight it out. Fairy tale films? Yeah, let’s greenlight like 15 of ’em because we know people won’t EVER get tired of those.

The studios’ latest obsession seems to be making movies about fast cars, as The Wrap reports that Sony has put a Gran Turismo movie into development with producers Mike De Luca and Dana Brunetti on board to steer it through development. Yes, you read that correctly – a movie based on a driving simulator is being given the studio treatment. This announcement comes as DreamWorks’ Need For Speed is filming with “Breaking Bad” star Aaron Paul in the lead, and of course it follows the worldwide success of the sixth movie in the Fast and Furious franchise. Plus, Legendary is hoping to find a director for a Hot Wheels movie coming up soon. (Forehead slap.)

Look, say what you will about a Need For Speed movie, but at least the later incarnations of those games have protagonists and actual stories involved amid the driving sequences. I don’t know if you’ve ever played a Gran Turismo game, but I’d wager more than half of the time is spent upgrading your cars so you can actually compete in the next-to-impossible challenges the game gives you with the piece of crap options they provide when you begin. There’s no story involved, and no human element whatsoever (at least in the ones I’ve played). But hey, I guess I’m talking about the same Hollywood system that decided it’d be a good idea to make a movie based on a board game. We know how well THAT turned out, right Battleship? What’s that? Oh, the movie actually performed terribly at the box office because people want more from their films than just blind name recognition? Hmm, you might want to pass that memo to the folks who greenlight movies at Sony.

Just because a game has great sales numbers for a branch of your company (PlayStation) doesn’t mean it needs to be adapted into a movie. We’ve seen tons of video game movies fail, but since this one is starting with a blank slate (again, because THERE IS NO STORY IN THE GAMES), I guess it has nothing to do but impress me from here. While we wait for more info about this, take a look again at DreamWorks’ first look footage from Need For Speed:

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