Greta Gerwig to Write, Produce and Star in ‘How I Met Your Mother’ Spin-Off

By February 12, 2014

When news surfaced that CBS was planning a spin-off series of “How I Met Your Mother” not so cleverly titled “How I Met Your Dad,” we weren’t very enthused. However, with news of the talent who will write, produce and lead the potential series, we might change our tune.

THR has word that Frances Ha and Arthur remake star Greta Gewig has been hired to lead the pilot for “How I Met Your Dad” which hails from “How I Met Your Mother” creators Carter Bays & Craig Thomas and executive producer Emily Spivey. In addition, Gerwig will produce the pilot, and if it gets picked up to series, she will write on the show too.

As we heard previously, rather than focusing on any of the “How I Met Your Mother” characters on their own outside of the established group of friends following the series finale in March, the spin-off will follow an entirely different group of friends in New York as a female member of the new group regales her kids with the story of how she met her husband.

Greta Gerwig

In the series, Gerwig will play a woman named Sally, who is described as “a female Peter Pan who never has grown up and has no idea where she’s going in life.” Unlike Ted, Sally has been married for less than a year, and she comes to the realization that it’s just not going to work. And so, with a new beginning in front of her and a circle of friends and family offering their unwavering support and advice (for better or worse), Sally must figure out how to get her life together.

If you haven’t seen Gerwig in the stellar film Frances Ha, it’s on Netflix Instant, and makes for a great introduction to the actress, and will certainly give audiences a good idea of what we can expect from her in this potential series. When news of this spin-off first surfaced, there were rumblings that some of the new characters might be introduced in the series finale of “How I Met Your Mother,” possibly using MacLaren’s Pub as a link between the two shows, so we might see Gerwig pop up as Sally sooner than we thought. Stay tuned.

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  • Nancy A Roller

    Good spin… A female Peter Pan!? I’m kind of jealous!