“Gritty” Remake of ‘Zorro’ Set with Playwright-Penned Screenplay

By March 7, 2014

Does the world need a “gritty” Zorro remake? Does the world need any kind of “gritty” remake? Does the world even need another remake of anything? Who cares! We’re getting one!

Said remake, which has been in the works for years (that might be a bad sign, you guys), now appears to have some actual heat on it, as Deadline reports that Sony has hired on playwright Chris Boal to write the film’s script. A playwright! That sounds so fancy!

Although Boal’s background is in plays, he’s lately turned his talents to some big screen outings, including an adaptation of the sci-fi novel “Old Man’s War” for Paramount, the Alexander Skarsgaard-starring Viking movie Vanguard, and Warner Bros.’ Caesar. Boal is certainly hot right now (and he really seems to be into films that feature larger-than-life heroes and big battles), but he’s also got a unique talent up his sleeve that might prove important to his Zorro – he used to be a competitive fencer.


As Deadline tells it, “the ambition of the movie is less traditional swashbuckler, and more of a Dark Knight-style unveiling of the character with a new backstory, gritty realism and emotional core. There will be swordplay, combined with the martial arts that came from Europe and created a deadly combination of action and lethal fighting systems that combined swords, daggers, grappling and bare knuckles.” Swordplay has, of course, always played a large part in Zorro’s fighting style, and although Boal probably won’t be writing actual fighting sequences, having a screenwriter on board who actually understands the limits of a particular kind of battle is indeed a good thing.

Now we just need to find a gritty Zorro. Does Antonio Banderas want to come back? What is he doing these days? Those bee commercials? Okay.

In other, slightly related news, Deadline also reports that the Zorro producers Walter Parkes and Laurie MacDonald “are also spearheading the studio’s reboot of Men In Black.” Wait. What?

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Kate Erbland
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  • Roy J Evans

    EWWWW! Can’t we just leave poor Zorro be? This doesn’t need to be gritty. Adding the whole martial arts thing to the mix will only ruin the ambiance of the film. Don’t do it!

  • John A Casey

    I think it would be a cool twist on Zorro. Let’s add some chop sockey to it and see what floats. I am laughing remembering Zorro the Gay Blade. Way to go peoples!