Guillermo del Toro Updates Status of ‘Pacific Rim 2,’ ‘Haunted Mansion,’ and ‘Hellboy 3’

By August 8, 2015

Director Guillermo del Toro likes to keep busy, as evidenced by the different things he always seems to have going on. Until recently, he was planning on developing a movie at Warner Bros. based on DC Comics’ Justice League Dark characters, and had worked on a highly anticipated video game with renowned designer Hideo Kojima before the publisher unceremoniously pulled the plug. Now, though, he’s turning his attention to more concrete projects, and recently spoke about them.

In an interview at Collider, del Toro talked about three films that people just can’t seem to get off of their minds in relation to the man and his work. While he’s always been attached to some kind of version of Hellboy 3, he’s also been attached to the likes of the in-development Pacific Rim 2, as well as the long-gestating Haunted Mansion project at Disney. Now, he’s actually decided to speak up a little about each of them.

In regards to Pacific Rim 2, where the two main characters are rumored to be the men played by actors Charlie Day and Burn Gorman, del Toro said also that there’s still a role for at least one other familiar face from the first film in the wake of its heavy levels of death and destruction. Does the alleged focus on Day and Gorman mean that they’re the main characters? He responded,

No, no, no, Charlie Day has a great part but so does Charlie Hunnam. I think that everybody or most everybody that survived is back. The rest we killed. We killed half the cast.

He was next asked about the status of Haunted Mansion, a project that he seems to be a good fit for given his affinity for scaring people, and his overall enthusiasm for the subject matter. Still, though, the film has been difficult to get into active production, and when asked about it, del Toro explained why that’s the case.

All you can do is develop the screenplays, send them in, get a reaction, get the budget, agree or disagree on budget and so forth. Every project goes through the same thing. People say why do you have five [movies in development]? I have five because one happens. Whenever I have dedicated myself to a single project for any length of time, I end up having three, four years where I don’t shoot. It’s happened twice already, so I live in a life of realities. I have to have these projects alive to hope and pray that one of them happen.

He was also, naturally, asked about a third Hellboy film, especially given recent efforts on social media by star Ron Perlman and other cast members to actually get such a film made. When asked what the status of a Hellboy 3 was, del Toro responded,

Same status. I think that the fans want it, we want it, but studios … it’s a big movie, bigger than the first one and the second one. The numbers on the Hellboys made a lot of sense because of video. Hellboy II exists not because a studio head said. ‘I’m a big fan.’ The first one made money, made much more money on the Blu-ray and DVD than it did theatrically. It made money. Now that market is done.

The director’s next released film will be Crimson Peak starring Mia Wasikowska and Jessica Chastain, which will be released this coming October. For more on the future of del Toro’s projects and the potential development of these and other films, keep a tab open to GeekNation!

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