Guillermo del Toro Wants to Make a ‘Pet Sematary’ Adaptation

By October 19, 2015

It’s hard to think of a more iconic name both in the literature and film world than Stephen King. The critically-acclaimed author has not only created a large number of classic, beloved novels, but has also written a number that have spawned incredible film adaptations as well. Titles like The Shawshank Redemption, Misery, The Shining, The Green Mile, The Mist, and more are just a few of his more iconic adaptations, with some being a number of the greatest, and most terrifying films ever made.

However, one of his more personal and eerie stories is Pet Sematary. The novel was adapted into a 1989 film of the same name, and while the film is more than creepy and terrifying in its own right (you’ll never think of the name “zelda” the same way again), the adaptation hasn’t quite achieved the same ageless quality that several of the previously mentioned films have. With the recent release of his new Gothic horror, Crimson Peak, though (read our review here) – it looks like Guillermo del Toro has just thrown his hat into the ring if there were to ever be another adaptation of the classic story again.

Check out his tweet below:

While there hasn’t been any word on a possible Pet Sematary remake in the works right now, it is possible that the novel could get a new and fresh take on the silver screen sometime in the coming years, and its not hard to imagine del Toro at the helm. With Crimson Peak bringing the director back into the horror genre with some fairly positive results – it would be interesting to see him take on a project that he didn’t write or create again.

While I think his past few films have suffered from a lack of story, for the sake of gorgeous visuals, I think that the pairing of him behind the camera, directing a story by Stephen King would lead to some pretty crazy results. Considering the story’s use of mystical elements too, it wouldn’t be too far out of the realm of del Toro’s previous projects.

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