Guillermo del Toro’s ‘Justice League Dark’ Has Been Handed In

By November 29, 2014

With superhero film still being a dominant force at the box office, audiences may be able to see what superheroic horror looks like in the very near future. According to a report from Mark Hughes over at Forbes, Guillermo del Toro turned his supernatural Justice League script, known only as Dark Universe, into Warner Bro. Pictures just before the Thanksgiving holiday. While del Toro’s film was not on the recent list of forthcoming DC Comics releases, if the studio likes what they read and decides to go for it, then there’s no reason why they can’t add it to the docket of releases presuming they feel its viable enough.

Speaking to Hughes this past Tuesday, del Toro revealed that the script had just been turned into the suits in Burbank, and should be giving him their feedback within the next week. Believed to be based on DC’s current Justice League Dark comic book series, Dark Universe is said to revolve around the characters of sorcerer John Constantine, magician Zatanna, disembodied spirit Deadman, the mystic Madame Xanadu, and the DC Comics iteration of Frankenstein’s monster. The series has been one of the more consistently selling of DC’s “New 52” launch titles, premiering in September of 2011 and most recently releasing its 36th issue.

With Constantine appearing in his own series on NBC, some fans were concerned that this might mean Warner Bros. had abandoned del Toro’s film project, since updates have only trickled out sparingly on the project for months. With Constantine in a tough situation at NBC right now, though, WB may feel that the film is more viable than it was even a few months ago, though if the series continues then that would likely have very little effect on the production of the film, as the studio just cast another actor for a character that regularly appears on his own TV show.

For more on Dark Universe as it develops, be sure to keep an eye on GeekNation! For great analysis on the issue at hand, be sure to read Mark Hughes’ full article on the matter at Forbes!

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