Halloween Event Review: Haunted Hayride 2014

By October 15, 2014

The Los Angeles Haunted Hayride has a lot of great things going for it, including a bigger budget this year, which clearly shows throughout the hayride itself. There are a range of activities that can easily take up an entire night, so let’s jump right in to what you can expect:


There are two mazes this year: In Between Dark Maze, which is revamped from last year, and House of the Horsemen, which is brand new. The lines for these can get insanely long, so plan to arrive as early as possible (ideally right when the event opens).

Seven Sins Sideshow

The Seven Sins Sideshow is really in its own category. It is basically a walk-through show, where each room contains an individual scene based on one of the 7 deadly sins. Sounds cool, right? I thought so as well, and then I experienced it. Not so cool. Just poorly executed, confusing, and not even really all that entertaining. I would recommend passing on this, especially with the waits.

Haunted Hayride 4


This area is just a mishmash of different things: Theatre Macabre (where you can see reenactments of scenes from popular horror films), Psychics, food, and the Scary-Go-Round. I am in love with the Scary-Go-Round: you ride on skeleton horses, and it goes backwards. It’s scant and rickety and awesome. (There are also supposed to be “creatures” roaming around, but I saw only saw one.)

Haunted Hayride 2

The Hayride

I found the hayride to be pretty awesome. I didn’t get startled (this may be partly because I was in a group with a large number of teenagers that were scared of everything, so they got targeted), but there were some pretty amazing things to see. If you’ve never been on a haunted hayride before, it’s basically a regular hayride, but you are pulled through a number of different horrifying scenes. This year, there are some HUGE pieces that are worth paying the ticket prices just to see. My favorite section included ravens (or crows) that did this incredibly beautiful aerial acrobatic routine. So flipping amazing.

My advice? Go experience the Haunted Hayride for yourself. Get there early and beat the lines. Drop all of your expectations and just have fun experiencing it. It’s a real treat.

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