Halloween Event Review: Haunted Hollywood Sports 2014

By October 8, 2014

Haunted Hollywood Sports seems to be improving with each passing year, but unfortunately the bad still seems to outweigh the good. That being said, the main issues with the event seem to be easily fixable – which is pretty frustrating. Here are some of the attractions you can expect at this year’s Haunted Hollywood Sports:


There are 3 scarezones at the event this year: Carnival of the Damned, Undead, and The Massacre. I can’t recall any real differentiation between the scarezones, which might have to do with the lack of scareactors. The actors that were present had to work their way back and forth across the entire event. While some of the actors were really trying, others were just acting silly and degrading the overall scare quality. One actor in particular (who was supposed to be a zombie), would just walk up to guests, stick his arms out and shout “Zombie!” in a shrill voice. Since when do zombies shout “zombie?”


You can anticipate 4 mazes: Legends of Blackstar Canyon, Fort Beldam: Zombie Research, Venom, and Fog Hollow. Legends of Blackstar Canyon was actually my favorite attraction of the entire night. This maze was pretty great. It was like Rob Zombie’s cheap cousin or some redneck-fueled nightmare: knives and shotguns getting pointed at you, pregnant ladies warning you not to enter shady hallways…excellent stuff. Fog Hollow was interesting but far too short. It was basically just a pitch-black hallway shrouded in fog, with a Cthulhu-like monster lurking at the end. But it was over in less than 5 minutes and didn’t have enough scares to be considered a real maze. The Venom maze is sponsored by Venom Energy and their logo is plastered all over the event. Corporate sponsorship at a haunted event? Yuck.



Killhouses are a great concept: they are interactive walk-through mazes, where you can use Airsoft equipment to shoot at zombies, monsters, etc. But a great concept doesn’t always translate into great execution, and these cost an additional $10 per killhouse. This is a problem. These killhouses are barely worth the price of admission, and definitely not worth an additional $10 each.

There is an another event that could be lumped in with the killhouses called Zombie Escape (which also costs an additional fee). Basically, small groups enter the maze and are given 3 flags (like in flag football), which zombies can remove as you look for 5 “antidotes.” Again, cool concept, but executed pretty poorly. The wait time for this attraction alone could take up your entire night, and it just isn’t worth it.


There is also a rock wall and shooting range, if those are up your alley. But, prepare to spend additional cash on those as well.


Haunted Hollywood Sports has so many great ideas, it’s a shame they aren’t executed quite as well as they could be. The line just to buy/pick-up tickets was nearly 2 hours. Certain events had no wait time, and other had 2 hour wait times. There seemed to be a complete lack of staff present to guide traffic, which was part of the reason for the inequality in wait times. While the idea of a killhouse (which Knott’s Scary Farm replicated this year) is really a fantastic one, no one has perfected it yet. It’s unfortunate, but the lack of organization and attention to detail are what really lessened this experience, and the extra fees for almost every event are just not worth it.

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Amanda Story

Amanda Story

Amanda is a GeekNation contributor who lives in Los Angeles.
  • Did this event last year. Was simply laughable.