Halloween Event Review: ‘Re-Animator: The Musical’ 2014

By October 20, 2014

This is the latest in Amanda’s series of reviews of Halloween events in Southern California. Check out her reviews of the L.A. Haunted Hayride, Haunted Hollywood Sports, Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor, Knott’s Scary Farm, and ScareLA.

Re-Animator: The Musical is back at the Steve Allen Theater and I could not be more overjoyed!

This past Saturday (October 18th) marked my 21st time seeing the show, and it has only gotten better and bloodier. I’ll be honest: I hate change, so I was worried about the new additions to the cast – Darren Ritchie as Dan Cain, Jessica Howell as Meg Halsey, and Ken Hudson Campbell as Dean Halsey. However, they mesh perfectly into the production and completely set all my worries and hesitations at ease upon my first viewing during previews.

Returning to the cast are (in alphabetical order) Cynthia Carle, Brian Gillespie, Marlon Grace, Liesel Hanson, Jesse Merlin, and Graham Skipper, all of who are brilliant in their respective roles. For those who don’t know the play, it’s based on Stuart Gordon’s 1985 cult classic film Re-Animator, and follows a medical student who creates a fluid that brings the dead back to life.

Graham Skipper is pretty much the epitome of genius as Herbert West. At the very least, go see it so that in a couple years you can tell all of your friends that you saw Graham Skipper in a musical before he became the super-megastar that he is bound to become (because it’s only a matter when, not if). Composer and lyricist Mark Nutter is absolutely brilliant, and has reinvigorated the already perfect play with new songs and extended versions of old songs. There’s also more blood – and by “more,” I mean buckets of blood.

You may have noticed that I referred to Re-Animator: The Musical as “perfect,” this is not an incident of journalistic hyperbole. I’m completely serious. It’s perfect and one of my absolute favorite things that I have ever experienced. I will be sad to see it go once more, as will you if you don’t catch it before it closes once again. You can check it out Friday-Sunday through November 2nd. Do yourself a favor: go, sit in the splash zone, and enjoy the blood.

Photo credit: Thomas Hargis

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