How The Halo 4 Lifetime Ban SHOULD Work

By November 5, 2012

Run your mouth and say stupid sh*t in Halo 4 multiplayer, taste the banhammer.

Xbox Live has a zero tolerance policy for sexist or discriminatory comments and if you’re reported enough times or act a fool in front of an enforcer (someone FROM XBL who secretly monitors your game like a security guard at a casino), you face a lifetime ban from the network. But oddly enough, the kids are just as bad as the adults (there’s some pretty famous clips on YouTube including a 9 y.o. cussing out his mother for chocolate milk during gameplay) and this is not good.

Which is why Halo 4 is doling out lifetime bans to players who continually engage in sexist and discriminatory behavior like a guy constantly asking a girl how big her bra, yelling “Tits or GTFO”, etc.

Let’s face it, most of it DOES come from guys, so if those who were given said lifetime ban wanted another chance to get their account back, I propose they be reinstated…BUT they’re only allowed to play online with the same six people.

These six, to be exact. SO NSFW (but hilarious)

But seriously, all this crap is the reason why I rarely venture out of “friends only” matches and never have to deal with jerks like these; my friends talk enough trash as it is.

Halo 4 drops Nov 6th (which is ALSO Election Day, hint hint double hint) exclusively for Xbox 360.

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