‘Halo’ Tournament Delayed Due to Online Connectivity Issues

By November 16, 2014

This past Tuesday saw the release of the highly anticipated Halo: The Master Chief Collection on Xbox One, and though the highly anticipated and ambitious anthology collection has been welcomed by franchise fans with open arms, issues continue to plague the online matchmaking to the point of major frustration on the respective sides of both players and the development studio and Halo steward, 343 Industries. It’s been such a thorn in the side of 343, in fact, that the studio has had to release regular updates on the franchise’s official website, the Halo Waypoint.

Those issues have now caused a new casualty in the form of 343 Industries’ Halo Championship Series. The tournament, announced earlier this month on the Xbox Wire, and the pre-season would’ve run from November 2014 to March 2015 and consist of both online and in-person events played on the collection’s centerpiece, the remastered Halo 2 AnniversaryHalo 2 still stands as a legendary online experience that helped to define the early success of the Xbox Live platform, and now that its remastered, it looks like the game is making a comeback in a big way. Unfortunately, though, we’ll have to wait a bit longer, since the tournament has now been delayed.

Announced via Halo Waypoint, 343 stated that the pre-season for the Championship Series will be delayed by seven days, due to the persisting issues with online matchmaking. The official announcement reads,

The first pre-season online cup was originally scheduled for 11.16, however, we’ve decided to postpone until the following week, as 343 Industries is focused on resolving existing matchmaking issues. This delay will ensure that the first pre-season cup is up to the standards of our fans and competitors. We’re now targeting 11.23 for the first online pre-season cup, and will provide updates should anything change.

Players thinking of participating should definitely keep their eyes on Halo Waypoint, as well as the franchise and Microsoft’s presence on social media. The studio also says that they’re targeting a Wednesday, November 19th release date for a new patch that will hopefully resolve many of the other issues plaguing the release. GeekNation will feature a full review of The Master Chief Collection mid-to-late next week, though we may revise it at a later date should the matchmaking issues persist through the review period.

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