‘Hamilton’ Creator Being Eyed For ‘Mary Poppins’ Sequel

By February 24, 2016

With Emily Blunt currently in talks to play the titular magical nanny in Disney’s announced Mary Poppins sequel, set to be directed by Into the Woods filmmaker Rob Marshall, Disney is moving further ahead with their ambitious(?) new follow-up project, and after finding their possible replacement for Julie Andrews from the original film, it looks like the studio may have found their male lead as well.

According to a new report from VarietyHamilton creator and star Lin-Manuel Miranda is reportedly in talks to play Jack in the film, a lamplighter reminiscent of Dick Van Dyke’s Bert from the 1964 original film, and is also expected to help contribute to the sequel’s musical soundtrack as well. After already building a strong relationship with Miranda through his musical contributions to both Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens and the studio’s upcoming animated film, Moana as well, it sounds like the studio may finally be closing the deal on an onscreen role for the Hamilton superstar.

Considering that both Miranda and Hamilton are basically the talk of the town right now as well, with even Creed‘s Ryan Coogler expressing interest in a Hamilton film adaptation at some point, and following his recent Grammy win – bringing a hot name on board of a project like this, which has already garnered a large amount of skepticism, could be the smartest move that Disney could make.

If you’ve even listened to one song from the Hamilton soundtrack as well, you can probably see why the musical has become so popular over the past few months, especially for anyone that’s interested in learning about history in unique ways. I’d still prefer if this Mary Poppins sequel wasn’t happening at all honestly, but if it’s going to, bringing Lin-Manuel Miranda on is a pretty great move.  Well played, Disney. Well played.

The Mary Poppins is currently in development.

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