‘Hamilton’ Will Film Performance From Original Cast Before Key Members Leave

By June 16, 2016

It’s official Hamilton fans: Lin-Manuel Miranda will step away from his role as Alexander Hamilton in show on July 9th (via USA Today). It was confirmed today that his current alternate, Javier Munoz, will be stepping in for Miranda in the role full time afterwards. This comes as expected news, since Miranda’s contract ends this summer, as do most of the original cast members, though no other cast members have announced a departure yet.

For those of you out there disappointed by this news, since this probably means that you (like myself) won’t get to see Hamilton live with its complete original cast and creator, don’t get too teary eyed quite yet.

In addition to Miranda’s departure being confirmed, it was also announced today that two live performances of Hamilton with Miranda and the complete original cast, will be filmed. As for what will happen to those recordings? Currently, not even Miranda knows, though I imagine they’ll be distributed to the general public some time in some way:

Miranda also commented on the future of the rest of the original cast members, revealing little:

“I don’t know who’s staying and who’s going. I wouldn’t begrudge anyone who moved on and I wouldn’t begrudge anyone who chose to say.”

While we don’t when or how we’ll get to see the live performance recordings, knowing that they’ll be out there, ready for us at some point, comes as a huge comfort for the fans out there who have been desperately trying to find some way to make it out to a show in NYC before Miranda leaves. It still won’t be like the real thing in person of course, but getting to see the original cast’s dynamic and voices saved forever in history is a nice silver lining in the news of Miranda’s departure.

Though don’t even fret too much about that, as Miranda has previously stated, and reiterated with the news today – this certainly won’t be the last time he plays Alexander Hamilton.

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