Who Will Play Han Solo and Boba Fett in the New Star Wars Spinoff Films?

By February 1, 2013

Okay, so word’s out that there will indeed be Star Wars standalones and that two of these films will focus on everyone’s favorite rogue and the galaxy’s number one bounty hunter.

Yesterday, EW.com broke the details of both films and they go a little something like this: young Han Solo origin story and Boba Fett goes on a bounty hunter adventure.

Han’s story will occur between the Revenge Of The Sith and A New Hope timelines, which would most likely make young Solo in his late-20’s instead of mid-30’s (Harrison Ford was 35 in A New Hope) while Boba Fett’s would be either occur between A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back OR between Empire and Return Of The Jedi timelines.

And of course EVERYONE’S got a theory about who should be young Solo, with names like Nathan Fillion (even HE would say he’s too old, darlings), Shia LaBeouf (if didn’t work when he was Indiana Jones’ kid, it won’t work here either) and Chris Hemsworth (uh, no. He’s already Thor, damn it) flying around the fangirl/boy atmosphere and prompting this clever tweet.

Well, he’s gonna sit through another list, damn it, because every short list story I’ve read so far’s been written by men and it’s time for a different perspective on the matter.

Here’s the man I called my future husband for 30+ years…

And my short list…which is more like a wish list, really, looks like this.

Hunter Parrish

Best known as Silas Botwin in the Showtime hit, WEEDS, this 25-year-old has a handle on balancing snark and sex appeal. Botwin knew how to steal, could charm the pants (literally) off of every woman he came across and he really knew his weed (aka his Millennium Falcon). Silas Botwin was every ounce the scoundrel and Hunter Parrish played him to a T. That, and he looks pretty good as a brunette.

Jared Padalecki

Now I realize the Supernatural star is 30 but there’s just something about this guy that says “scoundrel in training” and has a natural charm to him that would make for an interesting Solo.

Jensen Ackles

Okay, it’s true that the other Supernatural star is one year younger than Harrison Ford was while filming A New Hope BUT he can still play 26, looks the most like Ford and as it was pointed out on Twitter, “he’s been training for the role of Solo for the last seven years on Supernatural.” And after seeing the animated film “Batman: Under The Red Hood“, any doubts I’ve had about whether he can pull off Solo were laid to rest when I thought about how much I dug his performance as the Red Hood.

While I love me some Solo, I’ve always found Boba Fett kinda sexy (as do most ladies).

Now in the case of Boba Fett, he never took off his helmet in Episodes IV, V or VI, so anything’s possible as far as casting.

Using Temuera Morrison (above) aka Jango Fett aka the original stormtrooper clone and Boba’s daddy in Attack Of The Clones as a template, here’s the gents I think would make for interesting casting choices.

Dominic West

There’s something about Dominic West I’ve always liked but I can’t quite put my finger on it. Most people know him as Jimmy McNulty from HBO’s The Wire but I loved him as Jasper, Sandra Bullock’s charming enabler fiance in 28 Days. He looks like the whiter version of Jango Fett and I know if cast, he could pull off with zero problems. Fun fact: he played a palace guard in The Phantom Menace!

Taylor Lautner

If you’re done yelling in my ears, I’ll explain WHY I chose him. Keeping in mind that while I’m no Twilight fan, I am a fan of a dude that can do his own stunts. Well versed in martial arts, we could finally see that kick ass Boba Fett fight scene we’ve always dreamt of (like when Darth Maul battled Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan in that EPIC 3-way lightsaber battle in The Phantom Menace) and with Lautner’s darker skin tone, he could totally pass for the son of a clone.

Jason Momoa

Model/Actor Jason Momoa was already known to sci-fi fans as Ronon Dex in Stargate: Atlantis but it was when he took on the role of Khal Drogo, the Dothraki warlord who learned to love once he (literally) took Daenerys Targaryen as his bride in the HBO smash Game Of Thrones that he won the heart of nearly every woman in the free world with a pulse. Momoa bears some facial scars (140 stitches after being slashed in the face with a broken beer bottle in 2008) but again, we’ve never seen the face of Boba Fett as an adult (who I’ve always imagined has some kind of facial scar) so all bets are off. Only thing not in his favor is that he’s 6 foot 5, which means unless the rest of the cast is 6 feet tall, he’s gonna tower over everyone like Fezzik in The Princess Bride…but then again, clever shot angles are clever.

Daniel Logan

If he looks familiar, it’s because he was young Boba Fett in Attack Of The Clones, voiced Boba Fett and Clone Cadets for Cartoon Network’s animated series Star Wars: The Clone Wars (2010 – 2012) AND is rumored to be Boba Fett in the tv series Star Wars: Underworld. Logan’s in-depth knowledge with Fett should give him a head start on the competition and at 25, looks like he really COULD be Temuera Morrison’s son.

Logan is also an honorary member of the 501st Legion and looks pretty comfortable in the uniform, don’t you think?

And there you have it, my Han and Boba wish list! I’m also hoping for crossover appearances between these two cats as well and wouldn’t be surprised if it DID happen.

No word on directors but with Simon Kinberg (Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Sherlock Holmes) and Lawrence Kasdan (screenwriter – The Empire Strikes Back, Raiders of the Lost Ark) writing these standalones, who knows what could happen as far as casting goes. Hell, after the news that Parks And Recreation star Chris Pratt came out of nowhere to beat out half of Hollywood for the role of Star-Lord in Marvel’s newest comic book to live action film, Guardians Of The Galaxy, ANYthing is possible.

Then again, they could take a risk and go with unknowns…that could be interesting, too. When it comes to these films, I know is every Star Wars fan is thinking the same thing:

“Please don’t suck.”

So for the love of all that is holy, please PLEASE don’t suck.

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