‘Hannibal’ Leads Released from Contracts as Producers Still Search for New Home

By July 3, 2015

The cancellation of “Hannibal” by NBC a week and a half ago was met online with a lot of disappointment and sadness, as the show based on characters created by novelist Thomas Harris in Red Dragon has consistently been one of NBC’s best reviewed series in recent years. Now, the producers behind that show have released their two principle actors from their commitments on the series.

According to Deadline, Gaumont International Television — “Hannibal’s” production company — has officially released stars Hugh Dancy and Mads Mikkelsen from their commitments on the show. To some, this might indicate that the hope for any kind of revival is lost, but the report doesn’t seem to position that as the case at all. Apparently, Dancy and Mikkelsen would be quite keen to continue the story of the show if it were to be picked up by another network, presuming their schedules allowed for it. The only real hiccup this causes in any potential renewal of the show at a new home would be the negotiation of new contracts for the actors to reprise their roles. Still, it doesn’t sound like that part would be particularly difficult.

The two primary challenges for a fourth season of  “Hannibal” include a streaming deal already in place with Amazon for the seasons produced by NBC, and the departure of showrunner Bryan Fuller to another series on Starz in the upcoming season. The deal as it exists with Amazon would make it “nearly impossible,” according to the report, for a new season to be created at another streaming company like Netflix. The exit of Fuller could also complicate matters for any potential buyers, as they’d have to wait for his commitment on his upcoming Starz series — “American Gods” — to finish before he could develop a fourth season with the cannibalistic connoisseur.

One other star of the show, Laurence Fishburne, has already secured a new role  as a part of the “Roots” remake being produced at A+E. For more on the possible future of “Hannibal,” keep an eye on GeekNation!

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  • David Johnson

    At least NBC is giving them the chance to continue the story!