‘Hannibal’ Season 2 Episode 2 Recap “Sakizuki”

By March 8, 2014

Last night, we were served the second episode of NBC’s “Hannibal,” and in the first five minutes, Bryan Fuller and crew pretty much reclaimed their status as the goriest show on network TV. If you missed it, please check out last week’s recap here. Oh and hey, before I continue with this recap, let me hit you with my weekly disclaimer…


Okay…where was I? Right. Gory. You know, if it’s one thing I can deduce so far this season of “Hannibal” is that they are really banking on some attention-grabbing opening scenes! Last week, we had the brawl between Jack Crawford and Hannibal Lecter and in last night’s episode “Sakizuki,” we were thrown into a rather gruesome scene that found our victim from episode 1 not quite dead. In fact, he was very much alive and cognizant enough to literally rip free from the giant work of art that he was molded and stitched into.

Bloody and missing patches of skin, this naked dude breaks out of the silo and attempts his escape when almost immediately, the killer drives up on his truck. The hunt begins. The armed killer chases our victim through a cornfield (creepy!) before our victim risks a bold move and jumps off a cliff. Where is there a silo, next to a cornfield, next to a cliff? No idea. But I never want to go there. His one mistake was not jumping far enough away from the cliff side and smashes his head on the way down. Yep. Great way to open an episode!

Screen Shot 2014-03-07 at 9.29.12 PM

On the other side of town, Dr. Hannibal Lecter and Alana Bloom meet with Will. Lecter offers his help to him with figuring out what he’d actually done. Graham breaks down, admitting defeat and accepting the offer. Minutes later, Will’s back in his cell and we see he has dropped the act. He has a plan, and so far it’s working.

Lecter receives an office visit from Bedelia du Maurier. She’s obviously shaken up, frightened even. Her purpose for the visit is to tell him she is resigning as his therapist. Further, she informs him she has grown uncomfortable with the knowledge she has gained about him.

I’ve had to draw a conclusion based on what I glimpsed through the stitching of the person suit that you wear. And the conclusion that I’ve drawn is that you are dangerous.

He accepts her resignation, albeit menacingly. Before she exits, Lecter informs her he will be resuming treatment of Will Graham. You get the impression he feels accomplished, that he’s closer to mending this friendship with Will.

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Moving on, Jack and the rest of the team convene in the morgue where we learn the victim’s name: Roland Umber. Hannibal presents a theory that Umber was torn down from the killer’s display and discarded. Beverly Katz, on the other hand, poses Will Graham’s theory regarding the killer’s work as a color palette. She fails at claiming the idea as her own and subsequently gets chastised by Crawford in his office. The lecture soon turns to him subtly hinting at her perseverance in continuing her work with Will.

Left to his own devices during this time, Hannibal takes it upon himself to inspect Umber’s body closer…with his nose. Remember, Dr. Lecter here has a keen sense of smell! One little whiff and he’s transported to a corn field. He’s got his lead and he’s going to keep it to himself.

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The first new session between Hannibal and Will commences. Lecter advises Will to not dwell on anything morbid during his time of recovery. While he tries to persuade Will to steer clear of assisting Katz with the case they are working on, Graham replies by saying it’s the only thing that feels normal to him. So of course, Dr. Lecter picks his brain regarding the case. Will feeds Hannibal this revelation:

Each body is a brush stroke. He’s making a human mural.

Soon, Beverly Katz visits Will again searching for more insight on the case. Graham agrees but with one caveat – that she disregards the existing evidence against him. She hesitantly agrees and hands over the case images. Before long, he finds himself in the lab with the body of Roland Umber. He comes to the conclusion that our victim had a high tolerance to heroin and that is why he survived the overdose the killer injected him with. He reasons that Umber escaped from a farm upstream from where his body was found.

Screen Shot 2014-03-07 at 9.38.51 PM

Before Katz leaves, she alludes to Lecter’s own theory of the man’s death. Graham advises her that what Hannibal thinks and says could be two drastically different things.

And of course they are! Because now we find Hannibal dressed up in a plastic suit outside of the silos. He explores the scene a bit before finding the correct silo the bodies are in. Instead of breaking down the locked door, he climbs the ladder to the top and peers down into the giant eye made of human bodies. As he observes the mural, the killer walks right in to complete his giant work of art and Lecter couldn’t help himself but blurt out, “I love your work.”

Screen Shot 2014-03-07 at 9.40.26 PM

In, the next scene, the silos have become an FBI crime scene. Jack Crawford shows Hannibal the human mural which now looks to be completely finished with a new body replacing Umber in the middle. However, this new addition is a stark contrast in skin tone from the rest of the brush strokes. Meaning, this dude is super white! It’s also worth noting, the body is missing a leg.

Back at the lab, Jack and team ponder the identity of the body and his missing leg. Elsewhere, we find Hannibal Lecter preparing one of his elaborate dinners. The main ingredient being: the killer’s leg!

Screen Shot 2014-03-07 at 9.44.50 PM

Dr. du Maurier then visits Jack and tells him she will no longer be giving insight to the FBI on Hannibal Lecter. While Jack presses her for further info, she simply states Hannibal has his Will Graham and she has hers. Dr. du Maurier is tying up loose ends.

Katz and Lecter return to Will’s cage and present him with a photo of the killer’s mural. Graham takes the image and does his crazy psychic insight thing which finds himself standing amidst the tableaux of bodies inside the silo. He speaks to himself as he takes in his surroundings:

I made you pliable, molded you. Set and sealed you where you lay. This is my design: a dead eye of vision and consciousness. I am fixed and unseeing. Unless someone else sees me.

At this point, his attention is drawn upward to the top of the silo where we find antler man spying on him.

Screen Shot 2014-03-07 at 9.54.06 PM

One of these things is not like the others. One of these things just doesn’t belong.

Will sees the man in the center is not one of the victims, but the killer himself. He tells the two that the leg was taken by whomever did this. Hannibal asserts that the killer must have had a friend to stitch him there. On this, we are given a flashback of Hannibal injecting the killer’s naked body with heroin. He’s there to help him complete his giant eye to God.

Killing must feel good to God too. He does it all the time. And are we not created in his image?

Screen Shot 2014-03-07 at 9.56.00 PM

The next person to visit Will in prison is an unexpected one: Internal Affairs’ own Kade Prurnell. She is there to discuss his defense and offers that he plead guilty to the “Minnesota Shrike” murders in order to avoid the death penalty. That is, of course, if the jury doesn’t believe through the course of the pending trial that Will deliberately planned out these murders.

Later, another new person pays Will a visit: Bedelia du Maurier. She introduces herself to him as Hannibal’s therapist. From all the stories she has heard, she tells him how much she feels she already knows him. Maurier tells Will that he can survive what has been done to him because they are both survivors. Then, stepping over the line, she approaches his cell and whispers to him that she believes him before being escorted out by the prison guards.

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The episode closes with Hannibal, once again donning his plastic suit, breaking into the home of his former therapist. While he’s there to commit a heinous act, he finds the house empty, with furniture covered in sheets. As he surveys the room, he finds a vial of her perfume left out on display for him – a poetic goodbye that even leaves a slight smile on the good doctor’s face.

So my dear Fannibals, what did you think of episode 2? I’m thirsty for your opinions. Give ’em to me in the comments below!

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  • Michael D Johnston

    This show has managed to creep me out. I find myself wanting to change the channel but cannot seem to do it. My god it’s worse than Anna Nicole. Keep it coming.

    • Hahah. I’m just hoping it keeps staying worthwhile. NBC moving it to Friday nights has me nervous.

  • Kristin T Medina

    Ok. nor real reason to watch this show any longer. Great show and really cool development. Characters are really tied to each other. Love it!