‘Hannibal’ Season 2 Episode 6 Recap: “Futamono”

By April 5, 2014

Holy hell, last night’s episode of “Hannibal” was the first episode this season that drove me to scream at my TV in disgust. I usually find myself laughing at the ridiculous humorous grotesque moments but sh*t, son! Things got uncomfortable in “Futamono.” But, as I do every week, I need to take the time out of writing this recap to tell all of you on the internet….


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The one underlying theme in this episode were flowers blossoming or blooming, if you will. After last week’s episode where we saw Dr. Hannibal Lecter finally showing weakness and in a pretty decent amount of danger, we find him picking up the pieces and moving forward the best he can in episode 6, “Futamono.” And what better way than to kindle a romance with Dr. Alana Bloom of all people! I did say things were blooming, did I not?

Aside from that interesting (gross) story development, it looks like Jack Crawford is finally opening his damn eyes to the reality around him and who the Chesapeake Ripper really is. So in one way or the other, this episode had all sorts of things blossoming all over the damn place. Talk about symbolism!

The episode opens on Hannibal Lecter composing a new piece of music. Per Bryan Fuller’s live tweeting of the show, the piece he is actually playing is “Suite No. 4 In G Minor, Sarabande, La D’Aubonne” by Antoinne Forqueray, arranged by Brian Reitzell. So, rest your inquiring minds! He is picking up the pieces, and you can see through his early conversations with Dr. Alana Bloom in this episode that they are both troubled by the events that transpired in the previous episode. She is putting her friendship with Will Graham behind her. Hannibal is doing the same. And while the two are in mourning over their lost friend, Jack Crawford is starting to slowly open his eyes, putting pieces together that have been in front of him the whole time.

Hannibal - Season 2

When Crawford visits Graham in the hospital, he walks with slow trepidation and Graham notes this. The conversation that transpires shows Will in a place of confidence and power that he hasn’t had in previous episodes. While Jack is still claiming the notion that Will is a loon and nothing he says is true, Dr. Chilton is of a very different opinion. The good Doctor has been listening in on all of Will’s conversations with Abel Gideon and he has quickly drawn his own conclusions on what the truth is.

He does fit the profile. Medicine and psychology offer power over man, and cannibalism is an act of dominance.

Later, after an unconvincing visit with Graham at the hospital, Chilton plays a back a conversation he recorded between Will and Gideon that provokes his own memory of the time Hannibal fed him tongue and joked with him about cutting out his own to eat it.

While Crawford is still doubtful, there is the one detail that Will brought up to him on their visit that makes him begin to open his eyes.

If the Ripper is killing, you can bet Hannibal Lecter is planning a dinner party.

In the scene afterward, we find Hannibal and Crawford sipping something fancy in front of Lecter’s fireplace, where he tells Jack that he needs to separate himself from Will. He also refuses to hear anything further about the Chesapeake Ripper cases Jack is dealing with. In his attempt to move forward and regain his life after last week’s near death experience, he tells Jack he is going to throw a dinner party. The look on Jack’s face made me laugh.

Oh and while we’re talking the Chesapeake Ripper, let’s look at the latest work of nastiness he has delivered onto the world!


Probably the most elaborately beautiful grotesque piece of work by Hannibal Lecter yet, this poor guy’s cadaver was fused with real tree limbs sparking the term “Vericose Vines” to be uttered by Zeller. All of the dead guy’s organs were removed and replaced with poisonous flowers.

And as the FBI begins investigating the latest murder, Hannibal Lecter begins preparing his latest shindig. There’s a scene with Hannibal and Bloom both chopping up hearts in his kitchen and even if Alana does not know that the hearts in question were human, it’s still disarming to see her allegiance with Will Graham broken. The attempted murder was the last straw.

Back at the lab, they somehow got the dead guy/tree murder piece into the building in one piece. This stood out to me, as it was also standing up. How did all the branches fit!? Well, that doesn’t really matter as we see Zeller sawing a branch down for sampling. The test showed them that a tiny shard of wood, as well as the organisms living in the water sampled that killed the poor guy, led to a specific part of Virginia. They were closing in on something. But more on that in a bit…

Dr. Hannibal Lecter pays Will Graham a final visit at The Baltimore State Hospital For The Criminally Insane. And right before this visit transpires, we see those crazy mental antlers growing out of Will’s head again. This time, he seems more welcoming of their appearance. And once again, I must ask…is this Will becoming the beast to hunt the beast? Or is this like some sort of Hannibal radar that goes off when the dude is near? At any rate, the small interchange between the two men shows that Will’s fortitude has gotten stronger. Lecter claims sadness in the loss of his friend due to last week’s murder attempt. This visit seemed more like Hannibal Lecter saying goodbye and letting go of Graham and in his exit, he tells Will he will give Alana his best.

And boy does he!

At the dinner party, we see Jack Crawford and Dr. Chilton observing everyone putting various meats into their mouths. Chilton comments on the dishes, including that of “Heart Tartare” and a weird claw dish. When Hannibal approaches Jack and thanks him for coming as he is the “Guest of Honor,” Crawford thanks him and quickly changes the subject saying he cannot stay. He then takes the food offered to him from the server’s tray to go. The look on Lecter’s face is that of a slight panic but we soon find out that the food Jack took back to the lab with him for testing was not human at all. Hannibal saved those goodies for the other guests. Smart move.

Hannibal - Season 2

GAH! This, right here, is where I yelled at the TV. And yes, this kissing scene that transpires while the two play chopsticks on Dr. Lecter’s piano turns into Bloom and Lecter getting full on dirty. The next scene, the two are in bed together and it’s the middle of the night. After a beat, Hannibal snaps his fingers over Bloom’s ear to make sure she is fully asleep. Once satisfied, he leaves the bed and wipes the lip of her wine glass. Did he drug her? Possibly.

We cut to the hospital where Abel Gideon is recovering from a nasty fall. Earlier in the episode, after Jack Crawford visits Gideon to find out more about the Chesapeake Ripper and get that much needed connection to Hannibal Lecter, Gideon gets beaten by two guards after talking about the eyes he took of that poor nurse he recently killed. He took a nasty fall that looked fatal to me, but here he is in the hospital! And soon, he’s joined by Dr. Hannibal Lecter dressed in full OR scrubs. The look on Gideon’s face was chuckle-worthy as it said to me something like, “Oh here we go!”.

The next morning, the FBI arrived on scene to find the security guard gutted and strung up by fishing lures similar to the ones found at Will Graham’s. The Chesapeake Ripper was here. The guard? Super dead! And our pal Gideon is now missing!

Alana Bloom awakens to find Hannibal lying next to her in bed. After a beat, the two have a fun little conversation that has Ms. Bloom speak this romantic statement:

You’re awake.  I’m thinking about funerals and how much they make us want sex.


Crawford soon shows up  to Lecter’s house and gets an alibi that he was at home all night. This, of course, is backed up by Bloom who joins the men in the living room wearing nothing but a long shirt. Sexy. What did Hannibal put in her wine!? Whatever the case, Jack’s onto Hannibal even though the meat tested comes back as beef.


And what of Abel Gideon? Well, I’m glad you asked! We see Dr. Hannibal Lecter prepping a giant piece of meat. He seasons, covers in something looking like prociutto, wraps it in a giant leaf and then wraps that in clay. Popped into the oven to cook and flash forward to it being ready. We find Abel Gideon seated in the same chair at Hannibal Lecter’s dinner table. The man is semi calm, IV drip in his arm and he watches Hannibal who is now cracking the clay from the meat. Oh, and the meat in question is a huge cut because, as the camera shows us by dipping under the table, Abel Gideon is missing his entire left leg! Sweet Jesus, Hannibal is feeding the man his own meat! What other network television show goes this far? You tell me!

Once back at the lab, we find that not only do the meat samples test negative as human meat, the fishing lures that hung the hospital guard up matched the same lures that connected Will Graham to the murders he is in prison for. The lures here contained hair, teeth, and other samples from the different Chesapeake Ripper victims. Jack finally realizes Will is 100% innocent. On top of that, the wood and water samples found in the tree cadaver point the team to an abandoned building in the middle of nowhere. When Jack goes to investigate, he finds none other than Miriam Lass in a pit under the house. For those of you who don’t remember, Lass went missing in Season 1 after making the connection that Hannibal might actually be the murderer they are looking for. It was deduced she was dead after they found her severed arm.


End. Of. Episode.

We are at just the halfway point in the season and it feels like a lot has transpired between episodes 5 and 6! What do you think of last night’s episode “Futamono”? Did Hannibal intend for Jack to find Miriam? Share all your thoughts with me in the comments below!

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