‘Hannibal’ Season 2 Episode 7 Recap: “Yakimono”

By April 12, 2014

You know how I said last week’s episode felt like a season finale with all of the crazy things that they packed into one episode? Well, with last night’s episode of “Hanniba,l” I’m starting to think we may just need to expect every episode from this point on to deliver a multitude of “holy sh*t” moments. At least, that is now my expectation. Don’t let me down, NBC!

Oh and hey, there’s a huge spoiler below. Be careful!

We left off last week with Jack Crawford’s discovery that Miriam Lass is still alive. In last night’s episode “Yakimono,” we pick up on Lass who is now being debriefed by Crawford. Sure, this conversation starts as a check up of sorts, making sure – aside from the missing arm – that Ms. Lass is okay. Well, as “okay” as one would be after kicking it in a water pit for over a year. After she tells Jack she knew he’d never stop looking for her (he stopped a while ago), he begins to question her about the Ripper’s identity. Unfortunately for him, Miriam doesn’t even remember finding him. The Ripper got into her head and messed with her memories, just like Will Graham. But what’s worse is, she never got to see his face and claims she only knows the murderer’s voice. And when Jack asked her why she wasn’t killed by the Ripper, she said she was being saved for last.

Jack still has his suspicions and in the next scene, he brings in Hannibal Lector and Alana Bloom. They sit across from each other and it’s quickly noted that Jack and Miriam are viewing them through one of those interrogation one way mirrors. Dr. Bloom sympathizes with Lecter because they’re boning now. Hannibal realizes (knows) that the Ripper survivor only has the killer’s voice to reference. So of course, he stands up and walks over to the mirror/window and stares into it. Miriam stares back and sees the silhouette in her mind of the killer and they match up perfectly…but…after a beat, Miriam Lass says Hannibal Lecter is not the killer they are looking for. COME ON!

Well, from the guilty to the innocent, we move along to find Will Graham being freed from The Baltimore Hospital for the Criminally Insane. Dr. Chilton tells Will that all the charges have been dropped by the prosecution. As Will leaves, he advises Chilton to be careful as he may be Dr. Lecter’s next victim. His advice continues with the suggestion he tell Jack everything he knows about Hannibal’s guilt. Yet his own guilt is touched on here too, because they are both shady doctors. Before he exits, Chilton asks Will why Hannibal Lecter didn’t kill him.

Because he wants to be my friend.

Will is on his way out of the building, and he finds Jack Crawford waiting for him. He tells Will that Miriam was found, yet they still haven’t caught the Ripper. Crawford also admits his shortcomings with Will and apologizes for giving up on him and believing Graham had gone cuckoo.

You didn’t have to find me, Jack. You just had to listen to me.

Hannibal - Season 2

Crawford then tells Will that Miriam didn’t identify Hannibal Lecter as the Ripper. Will asks Jack if that’s good enough for him. Thankfully, Jack Crawford said no. Finally, we’ve got some characters with some f*cking sense! Jack and Will have officially teamed up again. They got the band back together and have made their way back to where Jack found Miriam. Looking around the establishment, they see all sorts of goodies that point to different murders. Beverly Katz’s blood was found on the scene as well. It’s there that Will does his psychic gift thing.

The pendulum swings and Will finds himself in Lecter’s office adorning the dead guy tree from last week with flowers. From the tree and poisonous flowers, to an image of Miriam in the bottom of that dank hole, Will snaps out of his trance and advises Jack that this is all just theater. The Ripper wasn’t going to kill Miriam Lass, he held her there so that she would be found.


Will further expounds on this theory by telling Crawford he believes the Ripper will divert the attention of the FBI by leading them to someone else. Someone innocent will be caught just like what happened with Will. They will find evidence that will lead them away from Hannibal, not towards him. Lecter was in Miriam’s head for two years. Will Graham makes a great point that they may not be able to rely on anything she says.

Finally, Will Graham gets to go home and he’s reunited with his army of dogs. The dude has so many dogs! How much dog poop does this man have to pick up? Sorry, anyway…he finds Alana Bloom at his house and is introduced to her new rescue dog named “Applesauce.” Because uh…he eats apple sauce…like any normal dog. Dr. Bloom’s mood has changed around Will and you see contempt in her eyes. Because Will tried to kill Hannibal, she’s kicking herself. She proceeds to ask if Hannibal is safe. Will’s bewildered and replies:

From me? Or for you?

For her, obviously! Like I said, she’s smitten. They’re boning. And we all know how much Hannibal likes bones…

Well, lookie here – Dr. Chilton has paid Jack Crawford a visit! He’s there to offer his services in the Ripper case but this is now the smart version of Jack Crawford we’re dealing with and he knows Chilton has an agenda. The doctor agrees but his agenda is to stay alive. Everyone who believed that Hannibal is the Ripper is dead, except for him. He’s not feeling very safe. Since Miriam is missing her memories, he suggests to Jack that he can assist in recovering them like he did with Will. Jack is slightly into the idea, but he may want someone else other than Chilton to complete the task.

Ms. Lass is given a robotic arm and Skynet gets one step closer to becoming sentient. Will Graham soon pays her a visit and they bond over the similar experiences they have had with lost time, crazy light blinking therapy and all that. She recalls to him the chamber music that would constantly be playing over the Ripper’s voice. Of course Will has to make things weird by saying:

You and I are part of his design.

All this talk of design, maybe Graham is in the wrong line of work? Just saying…


Set Will Graham free and watch him go everywhere! At least, this was what I was thinking because he’s in a different setting in every scene he shows up in! The next scene, we find him in Hannibal Lecter’s house with a gun pointed to his head. And the good doctor just wanted to get more wine! Sadface. During this confrontation, Will reminds Hannibal of the last confrontation they had in his kitchen. Hannibal, still claiming his innocence, asks Will how it would feel if he were to kill him.


Where’s Bill and Ted when you need them? I kid, I kid.

Will stands there for a long beat with the gun cocked and pointed at Hannibal’s temple. The thought briefly goes through my head that he’ll kill Dr. Lecter. But that can’t happen because explain all of the movies! None of these main characters can die, right? Will seemed to agree because he decided to leave instead.

Miriam Lass and Jack Crawford pay Dr. Lecter a visit at his office. The last time she was there was when she made the connection that Hannibal was the Ripper. Now, however, her memories are quite lacking. She sees his drawings on the table which for a split second shows The Wound Man drawing from her previous visit which connected the doctor as the killer. She comments on the beauty of his drawings and Jack Crawford butts in to play her the voice message she left him when she had gone missing.

After listening to it, Miriam’s eyes are wide and she looks horrified yet she doesn’t remember leaving the message at all. Hannibal Lecter then offers to help her recall said memory by hypnosis. Sure, why not? A smaller pendulum is now swinging and Miriam is undeneathr. She starts calling out the message verbatim to the two men. There’s brief cuts to footage of her in the well. When Hannibal asks the last thing she remembers, she says The Wound Man and sees Jack Crawford briefly as said man with a bunch of surgical instruments impaling his body. Just like that drawing from season one that she found. Just like one of the first victims of the Chesapeake Ripper.

Back at the lab, we see Zeller and Price looking over the evidence and they begin to question who the killer really is. It comes down to a choice: Dr. Hannibal Lecter or Dr. Frederick Chilton. Jack asks to bring both men in.

The next thing we see is Dr. Chilton coming home wearing his retro looking wardrobe with a tablet computer in his hand. What decade does this show take place in!? There’s a beeping sound he hears and he follows it downstairs. He gets to what I thought was the door to his garage but when he opens it, he finds what’s left of poor Abel Gideon’s body, legs cut off, organs on plates nearby in various forms of dissection. He immediately realizes what is happening and runs back upstairs only to trip and fall at Hannibal Lecter’s feet. And hey, look, Lecter is dressed in his plastic murder suit again! He chloroforms the man and gives him some parting words.

When you wake up, you will have no choice but to run.

Then, as Chilton’s consciousness goes, Hannibal yells to the FBI agents that have arrived at the door that he’ll be there in a minute. His voice now sounds like Chilton’s. This guy has all the evil talents of a Marvel super villain!

Hannibal - Season 2

Sure enough, Chilton wakes up covered in blood, holding a knife in one hand and finds a gun sitting on his lap. Put me in this position and I’d run too! He gets up groggy and follows the trail of blood that leads from the living room to the kitchen. Run, you idiot! When he gets to the kitchen, he finds both the FBI agents that were at the door earlier. One is sitting on the counter with his guts coming out of his abdomen. The other is lying on the table, impaled with all sorts of instruments much like the images of The Wound Man we have seen throughout the episode. So Chilton runs…to Will Graham.

Maybe this choice makes sense. I’m not sure I’d have run to the guy who was just in my hospital but Will seems to be the only one who would believe Dr. Chilton’s innocence. He arrives at his house covered in blood and requests to use his shower. After he’s cleaned up, he proceeds to freak out in front of Will and we see a side of Chilton we’ve never seen before. He’s scared, panicked, and rambling like a crazy person. He tells Will that this all makes perfect sense, that he and Lecter have the same profiles and Hannibal isn’t out to kill him as he has become his patsy. He wants to leave the country but Will tells him he’d definitely look guilty if he did so. The FBI would be monitoring his credit card usage and all that.

Hannibal - Season 2

Chilton continues ranting and pacing. He speaks on Abel Gideon’s body at his house, how it was cut up and his meat was used for meals. He even compares his situation with that of Will’s, I guess putting things into perspective.

You just threw up an ear.

Will sits in his chair the entire time Chilton is packing, pacing and ranting. He tells Frederick that Hannibal will be proved as the Ripper. Chilton obviously can’t wait. He needs to disappear but just as soon as he says this, Jack Crawford pulls up in Will’s driveway. So of course, like any rational individual would, Dr. Frederick Chilton pulls a gun on Will. Graham seems amused, telling Chilton he’s not a killer and exits the house to meet Jack.

Hannibal - Season 2

He finds that Jack has come alone and tries to reason with him, telling him they are still being played. Crawford tells Will he’s the one being tricked and storms into Will’s house. This leads to a chase scene in the snowy woods. I’m not sure if I’m reaching here, but I thought of The Shining again. With the pilot episode’s homage to the movie, I might not be too off base, but who knows? Either way, this chase in the snow and that flannel jack Chilton was wearing just screamed Jack Torrance to me.

The chase ends with Jack pointing his gun at Dr. Chilton. Did Chilton plead with Jack to kill him? I think wanted Jack to shoot him dead right there. Come on, smarter Jack Crawford, put the pieces together, dammit!


So Dr. Frederick Chilton goes into custody as the newest Chesapeake Ripper suspect. Earlier at the crime scene at his house, Crawford looked through some medical books the team found which shows images of The Wound Man. Jack quickly put the pieces together realizing Chilton has been a part of the Ripper case from the beginning. All signs pointed to Chilton and Chilton is now shackled to the table in that interrogation room dressed in that orange jumpsuit and sitting opposite stupid Alana Bloom.

Of course she is immediately placing all the guilt and blame on Dr. Chilton. He’s the killer. It can’t be Hannibal Lecter because she loves him now. Did I mention they’re boning?

He tries to plead some sense to her, noticing the lack of any weight the words have that leave her mouth. He warns her about Hannibal but then realizes she’ll only realize the truth once it’s too late. As Dr. Chilton talks, Miriam watches through that one-way mirror/window thing again. But this time, the voice of the good doctor triggers a crazy response. Remember earlier when Hannibal Lecter called to the FBI agents in Chilton’s voice? I can only deduce he spoke to Miriam Lass in this voice the entire time she was held captive. Regardless, she freaks out and starts crying. Dr. Frederick Chilton is identified as the Chesapeake Ripper by Ms. Lass.

And then…
…she proceeds…
…to shoot him dead!

Wait, what!? Miriam Lass grabs Jack Crawford’s gun and shoots Chilton through the glass and right in the goddamn face! Remember what I said about these characters being safe because they are in the Thomas Harris books, as well as the movies that have been released? Well, sh*t. I’m at a loss for words here because Bryan Fuller’s show took an unexpected turn by killing off one of these staple characters. Can someone tell me how Dr. Chilton is at the hospital overseeing Hannibal Lecter’s cell in Silence of the Lambs? Is this even important anymore? Alternate reality? Bueller? Bueller?

lassshot copy

The episode ends on Will Graham, who looks like he got some much needed rest, a hair cut and a shave. He visits Hannibal Lecter at his office on the day and time they used to meet for his therapy appointments. Graham tells Lecter he needs to sort out his feelings. He views Miriam’s killing of Chilton as a way of her taking back her life and he’s there to do the same. So, Will requests they restart his therapy. For a split second, the look on Hannibal’s face conveys a very subtle joy. They sit opposite each other and the session begins.

End of episode 7.

What do you all think of “Yakimono”? Now that Dr. Chilton’s dead, does this mean all bets are off for any of the characters on the show? I’m reminded of the opening brawl scene for the season between Hannibal and Jack. At one point, Hannibal stabs Jack in the neck. Is this alluding to a bigger loss as the season draws to a close? So many questions! Tell me your answers in the comments below!


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