‘Happy Endings’ Reruns Headed to VH1 in 2014

By December 10, 2013

Happy Endings

If you’re like me, the cancellation of the ABC comedy series “Happy Endings” was a real bummer, despite the fact that it allowed Damon Wayans Jr. to return to “New Girl” for almost the entirety of the third season. But there’s good news for anyone who wants to pretend it’s still on the air.

This Chicago-set sitcom follows the intertwined lives of six young urbanites trying to learn the ropes of adulthood. Through breakups and whatever other curve-balls life throws them, the pals stick together.

EW has word that VH1 will start airing reruns of the series starring Casey Wilson (“Saturday Night Live”), Elisha Cuthert (“24”), Eliza Coupe “Scrubs”), Zachary Knighton (“FlashForward”), Adam Pally (recently of Iron Man 3) and Damon Wayans Jr.

The revival (of sorts) will kick-off with a marathon of every single episode from all three seasons at 8pm ET on New Year’s Eve and run all through New Year’s Day. But don’t worry, if you’re going to be busy ringing in the New Year, the reruns get a regular time slot on Wednesdays for two hours from 7pm to 9pm beginning on January 8th. Here’s a sizzle reel from the first season focusing on my favorite character Max, played perfectly by Adam Pally:

If you missed this show the first time around, it basically follows the intertwined lives of six young urbanites in Chicago trying to learn the ropes of adulthood, dealing with break-ups and whatever curveballs life throws at them. The show has a “30 Rock” meets “Friends” kind of vibe, and while the first season is a little shaky, it really comes into is own in the second season and the characters become the driving force for some quality comedy.

Plus, there’s also some great guest stars like Bobby Moynihan, Rob Riggle, Fred Savage, Ken Marino, Colin Hanks, Brian Austin Green, Abby Elliott, Megan Mullally, Rob Huebel, Nat Faxon, Max Greenfied, T.J. Miller, June Diane Raphael and the elder Damon Wayans.

Don’t let the fact that this show was canceled scare you away. This show had plenty of loyal followers, but ABC just didn’t know where to put it in their line-up to make it work. And if you are leery because it’s VH1, don’t forget that they’re the only ones doing reruns of “Saturday Night Live,” so they know what they’re doing.

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