Yes, Harley Quinn Did Almost Wear Her Jester Costume in ‘Suicide Squad’

By July 11, 2016

The closer we get to the movie’s release, the more and more likely it’s becoming that Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn could steal the entirety of Suicide Squad from every other character in the movie. Considering this will feature the first live-action version of The Joker since Heath Ledger’s Oscar-winning performance in The Dark Knight in 2008 as well, that’s saying something about how excited people are to see Robbie’s take on this beloved character.

Not to mention that she’s been the highlight of basically every trailer for the movie up to this point also. Though if there’s been one thing about the character that the fans aren’t entirely overjoyed about, it’d probably be the character’s costume in the film, which some have called too revealing and too far away from some of her more iconic looks from the comics.

While speaking with from the movie’s set as well, producer Richard Suckle talked briefly about how difficult it was for the creative team to decide on a her look for the character, though he did reveal that they tried to use the character’s classic Jester suit in the film:

“She has so many iconic looks, so we really had a challenge. [Harley] has become the most popular, if not successful female character in the DC [Comics] world. You have so many different ways in which you could dress her, and it was almost sad to actually have to say – as much as we want her to be wearing, let’s say, the one piece suit, that’s not really right for what we’re doing in this movie. But we’ve designed it; she put it on. Just going through her hair, makeup, and wardrobe tests was a real treat. We tried so many different things and so many different things that would be iconic that hopefully will live in other films, if we’re lucky enough to make other films.”

Indeed, it does seem like Harley’s onscreen career could be endless right now, depending on the fan reception to the character, with DC reportedly already considering a Harley Quinn spin-off film sometime down the line.

Costume Designer Kate Hawley added Suckle’s comments as well, revealing that fans will see a few homages and winks towards Harley’s other looks in the movie, even if she might not put them on ever throughout it, saying that “The Jester suit has such an amazing powerful quality to it. We’ve built it. We’ve built that and we actually put it on Margot and she looked amazing.” While we won’t see her put it on either, there will be a “homage made to that very garment.”

Hawley revealed that the homage will come during the scene when the Squad are putting on their “murdering suits” in the film:

“Harley’s sitting there pulling out – you’ll see a moment where she’s pulling out all her corsets, so we quote every comic variation of her. It’s her dress-up box. I’m sure that jester suit’s going to come into it, because none of us can leave it alone.”

The report also adds that we will see Harley wearing multiple outfits in the movie, mostly during flashbacks to her time with The Joker before her mission with Task Force X, where most of The Joker’s scenes will be as well and they will apparently include “some of her classic looks at least get a wink and a nod.”

So it sounds like, the main reason for Harley’s somewhat civilian, though still customized, look in the movie was made purely for physical reasons and logistics alone, so that she could move around realistically and fight realistically, without having to work around her costume too much. However, if Suicide Squad ends up delivering on this character like it appears to be, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Robbie’s Harley Quinn sporting a Jester outfit of some kind, onscreen in a different cinematic outing in the future.

Suicide Squad is set to hit theatres on August 5th.

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