Harmonix Announces ‘Rock Band 4’ for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

By March 5, 2015

For fans of the musical video game series “Rock Band,” it’s time to get the band back together.

Today, Harmonix announced they’re teaming with MadCatz to bring “Rock Band 4” to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. As of now there’s no word on when the game will be available, but Harmonix says they will be announcing more details in May.

The good news is, for people who loved playing the original game on their last generation consoles and bought a bunch of downloadable songs to play with their friends, those tracks purchased on last-generation consoles will be able to download and play those tracks on their new platforms at no additional charge. “Rock Band 4” Product Manager Daniel Sussman says:

“Since the beginning, we’ve called Rock Band a music platform. Players responded by downloading hundreds of their favorite tracks, and building a massive library of playable music. It’s important for us to respect those purchases and enable our fans to bring that content over to the Rock Band platform on new generation consoles.”

Rock Band

However, these “Legacy” tracks will not be available to re-download until they debut on new generation consoles, and it’s too early to have a timeframe for that yet. Though the press release does say, “Hundreds of tracks will be available at launch, with more back catalog music – and new tracks – to be added regularly after launch.” So there’s going to be tons of music available for “Rock Band 4” from the beginning. And the good news is they’re trying to make all the instruments from last generation systems work with the new game too!

If you want to be the first to know when the game is available for pre-order, you can sign up right here. Or if you happen to head to PAX East in Boston between March 6th and 8th, you can pre-order an exclusive Penny Arcade-themed guitar in person at Harmonix’s booth, #4224.

Also, if you still love rocking out on “Rock Band” for the last-generation consoles, you may want to know that Harmonix has started to release new downloadable content again. In January, they released new tracks from Foo Fighters, Avenged Sevenfold and Arctic Monkeys, and last month brought new tracks from Weezer and Tenacious D. And to celebrate today’s announcement, you can get “I Still Believe,” recorded by UK-based songwriter Frank Turner for his fourth EP, Rock & Roll, for free to play through “Rock Band 3” and “Rock Band Blitz.”

As a huge fan of the “Rock Band” games, this is great news. There’s been so much music that’s been released since the franchise stopped making new games that I’ve wanted to rock out to in the game, and now that will be possible again.

If you want to know more about “Rock Band 4,” check out this video from Harmonix:

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